SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2013) - Joyent Inc., the high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company, and Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the application performance company, today announced an alliance to launch the Riverbed® Stingray® & Joyent® Content Delivery Cloud (CDC), a fast and efficient content delivery platform for organizations looking to take back control of their content delivery while saving money. The new offering combines Joyent's public cloud infrastructure and the Riverbed Stingray Application Delivery Controller (ADC) software to improve performance while providing greater flexibility and control to content owners and customers without the need for an expensive, traditional content delivery network (CDN).

Unlike a traditional CDN, which leverages a global network of servers to deliver content for all CDN customers, the Riverbed Stingray & Joyent CDC uses public or private infrastructure to offer a private, CDN-like experience for the delivery of a customer's content. This new solution offers a content owner flexibility and control of content delivery, while providing significant improvements for the end user.

"Building on our partnership with Riverbed, the Riverbed Stingray & Joyent CDC is a prime example of helping customers come up with more cost effective cloud solutions through innovation," said Henry Wasik, chief executive officer, Joyent. "Better performance and lower costs can only come through insight and controls traditional CDN infrastructures can't deliver."

While companies are spending millions of dollars on their incumbent CDN, they often have concerns due to the high overall cost, shared nature of the infrastructure, and lack of controls available to customers. Riverbed and Joyent are working together to drive down these costs by supplementing, and in some cases, replacing these networks. Joyent and Riverbed are delivering the Riverbed Stingray & Joyent CDC with control features such as auto-scaling, content caching, bandwidth management, performance monitoring, and content compression. The Stingray Traffic Manager routes the user request to the most appropriate location based on the parameters set by the application owner such as geographic proximity and required response time. In addition to routing user requests, Stingray's additional capabilities enhance the performance and security of the Riverbed Stingray & Joyent CDC with Stingray Application Firewall for deeper application level threat identification and mitigation and Stingray Aptimizer for end-user content optimization.

"Riverbed and Joyent share a passion of innovation to deliver customers an unparalleled experience," said Jeff Pancottine, senior vice president and general manager of Stingray at Riverbed. "Running the Riverbed Stingray software ADC in the Joyent cloud provides the flexibility and control content owners require. Content demands can vary widely, and now for the first time these peaks and valleys can be addressed in a cost effective way."

The Riverbed Stingray & Joyent CDC delivers numerous benefits over a CDN, including:

Flexibility and Scalability: A highly customizable global infrastructure, rapidly turned on in a matter of minutes and adjusted in real time, delivering a "where you need it, as you need it" services model. With delivery services and capacity on demand, costs are reduced due to a decrease in the amount of bandwidth required to deliver applications and reduce host node capacity requirements.

Centralized Control: Private, custom-built infrastructure centrally administered by the customer organization. Delivering global reach and performance that is typically required for content delivery while the central control offers an easy insertion point for customers to incorporate business policy and SLAs. Operating in the Joyent cloud significantly reduces the number of tools and touch points required to deploy and support the network end-to-end.

Better Security: Retaining visibility and control over the location and security of content, companies know where content is stored and that it will be delivered securely with SSL certificates stored on servers under their control. Content owners also enjoy compliance based security policy protection at the edge through the use of an application-level threat identification and mitigation mechanism such as Stingray Application Firewall available as part of Riverbed image bundles in the Joyent Cloud today.

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