BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2013) - Nexage, the leading premium mobile advertising exchange, today announced a partnership with BlueKai, the only independent SaaS solution for data management, analysis and activation in marketing. The Nexage-BlueKai partnership combines Nexage's data solution, Nexage Connect, with BlueKai in two ways: one is in offering behavioral in-market, branded, and interest audience segments to give buyers highly valuable targeting data to drive mobile prospecting campaigns; the second is the ability to activate a marketer's 1st party mobile data to drive retargeting campaigns across Nexage's audience. The Nexage-BlueKai partnership creates step-function advancement in the availability and value of audience data to drive targeted prospecting and retargeting campaigns across mobile.

One of the most important dynamics in advertising today is how and how fast brands will come off the sidelines and respond to the massive consumer shift to all things mobile. Nexage Connect, and the Nexage-BlueKai partnership specifically delivers highly valuable audience segments that will not only serve to accelerate brand spend in mobile, but will also be instrumental in making mobile a successful medium for brands.

The Nexage-BlueKai partnership also represents another step forward for a mobile data model that does not depend on a universal 3rd party cookie, but instead uses an exchange-based model -- through Nexage Connect -- to deliver data. With Nexage Connect, BlueKai audience data is appended to the bid request and buyers on the Nexage Exchange can target that data (as well as 1st party data) to drive campaign results. The prior conventional wisdom was that mobile was inherently limited in value because it could not replicate the 3rd party cookie model in online; that wisdom has shifted as 3rd party cookies are at risk and an exchange-based model has taken hold that is both effective and invulnerable to how 3rd party cookies will evolve (or devolve).

"BlueKai is dedicated to data activation everywhere and informing audience targeting in mobile is a natural growth area for us," said Jeffrey Frantz, Senior Director of Mobile at BlueKai. "We all know that mobile has rapidly become a strategic channel for marketers, but without data intelligence, initiatives can fall short on targetability, scale and cross-channel consistency. Partnering with Nexage is another step forward to bringing data-targeting capabilities to the world of mobile and to enable marketers to achieve cross-channel marketing success."

Recent forecasts show that mobile advertising has grown faster than expected and is forecasted to overtake online spend in a few years. The upwardly revised mobile forecasts point to several key drivers: the acceleration in the premium market segment, the positive impact of programmatic technologies, and the effect of brands more aggressively coming off the sidelines to engage mobile. Data is central to all three major drivers and is the core currency enabling brands to successfully reach and compel an ever-increasing mobile population. The Nexage-BlueKai partnership is central to converting those forecasts to results.

"BlueKai is a proven leader in online data management and their mobile audience data marketplace will bring depth and breadth to Nexage Connect," Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. "Mobile data has come full circle, from being negatively compared to online data to having the mobile exchange-based model becoming the reference for all of digital advertising. Our partnership with BlueKai represents another important step forward in making mobile data a powerful currency in enabling agency targeting and retargeting, and enhancing the value of our premium publishers' audience."

Nexage Connect delivers behavioral, contextual, identifier, and location data segments, underpinned by privacy protections, to enable agencies and buyers to target and retarget premium audience on the Nexage Exchange. Current Nexage Connect partners include AdTruth, BlueKai, The Media Trust, Mobilewalla, Proximic and TRUSTe.

About BlueKai
BlueKai is the world's first and only complete enterprise data activation solution for intelligent marketing. BlueKai offers its customers a system for managing and activating all their 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data in all marketing and customer engagements. BlueKai represents the only end-to-end SaaS solution for marketers and publishers looking to maximize their cross-channel marketing efforts and create a proprietary solution for unlocking reach, scale and efficiency using data. BlueKai leads the data-driven marketing space with the industry's first, and most advanced, Data Management Platform as well as the industry's first, and most well connected, Data Exchange. BlueKai currently works with thousands of companies and is currently trusted by almost half the Fortune 30 brands to activate their data. In 2013 BlueKai was named to Forbes "50 Most Promising US Companies" list as well as Fast Company's "10 Most Innovative Global Companies in Big Data".

About Nexage
Nexage is the leading premium mobile advertising exchange, connecting over 300 publishers and developers with over 220 demand sources to create the most efficient, liquid, and vibrant programmatic market in mobile advertising today. The Nexage Exchange is the most advanced technology platform in mobile advertising, giving our customers the most intelligent and flexible exchange in the market to allow them to seize on the extraordinary value of programmatic. Nexage Connect leverages that technology, integrating and delivering first- and third-party data to provide rich and precise targeting for buyers, and to enhance the value of our publishers' audience. Nexage serves customers on a worldwide basis with offices in Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Come visit us at or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.