RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2013) - Viztek, the leading provider of complete orthopaedic digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, announced today that Excel Orthopaedic Specialists, Woburn, Mass., has completed installation of two Viztek U-Arm DR systems. Completely replacing its existing CR rooms with the Viztek DR, the growing practice looks to benefit from enhanced throughput to accommodate increased patient volume and provides enhanced workflow for technologists and patients.

Following their move to a larger facility with double the space of the previous, Excel Orthopaedic Specialists has already seen an increase in throughput from the Viztek U-Arm DR and believe they will continue to see this increase as technicians become even more familiar with the system. The U-Arm provides a much better process for positioning, enabling patients to be x-rayed when sitting or standing which is particularly helpful for older patients who no longer need to be moved on and off a table. A mobile table is also included with the U-Arm system. With approximately 120 patients each day, the ease of use of the Viztek U-Arm DR enhances workflow, enabling patients to easily be positioned and processing the images is much faster, expediting image review so patients can be released.

"After we moved to the larger facility, I thought we needed a wireless DR system to meet our growth needs. It was at the American Association of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE) meeting that I experienced the Viztek U-Arm demonstration and immediately knew that this was the DR solution -- above and beyond other options," said Mike Cimon, Administrator at Excel Orthopaedic Specialists. "We quickly discovered that it would benefit our patients, allow the practice to grow and would also be the most cost efficient."

In addition to image acquisition of the DR being much faster than with CR, the Viztek U-Arm DR systems use integrated flat panel detectors to provide a quality imaging experience superior to CR. The technology that is used at Excel Orthopaedic Specialists features Leggera 4143 Trixell Panels and one unit features Viztek's stitching capabilities. The auto-stitch feature allows users to simply press a button and the device automatically aligns multiple images to create a single picture, automatically compensating for patient movement and creating a clear image. On the first day of training the staff at Excel Orthopaedic Specialists, they completed 147 patients, a record number of patient examinations in one day, reinforcing the system's ease-of-use.

"The Viztek U-Arm DR system brings the power of advanced DR imaging to facilities of all sizes at an affordable price point," said Bruce Ashby, general manager, Viztek. "Our technology provides user-friendly, advanced infrastructure allowing facilities to increase the throughput at the facility."

Excel Orthopaedic Specialists' U-arm DR systems were installed by the local New England Radiology distributor Associated X-Ray Imaging Corporation (AXI), based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. AXI VP, Russ Leibe, adds, "We have installed numerous Viztek solutions into medical facilities throughout the Northeast area, converting them to an efficient, digital system."

"AXI did an excellent job identifying the benefits that the Viztek solution would provide to Excel Orthopaedic Specialists," Ashby, notes.

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