ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2013) - Connecting franchise industry professionals with the most relevant food franchising news, Franchise Direct ( now offers this year's Food Franchise Report complete with six reports spanning 10 different industry segments. Each report focuses on supporting prospecting franchisees as they research food franchise opportunities in one of the largest nationwide industries.

From some of the most popular and widespread franchise systems to trailblazing segments still relatively new on the scene, the Food Franchise Report of 2013 covers pizza to food gifting franchises. One common theme across the vast majority of food segments is the latest upsurge in commodity costs, particularly noted in pizza and full service restaurant reports, with highlights pointing out how franchise operators are maximizing profits and some of the reasons for diminished supply now affecting various areas of food franchising. Alternatively, pizza franchise news reveals franchisees are experimenting and profiting with mobile kitchen concepts for enhanced customer accessibility, wherever they may go. 

Economic recovery boosting positive investment prospects and the increasing promotion of healthy eating are two additional ongoing themes in the world of food franchising. Whether fast or full service, franchise restaurants benefit from increased consumer disposable income and the implementation of diverse menu offerings for patrons looking to dine healthy. As a developing interest for tech friendly franchises, the report also calls attention to how some food franchises are bringing technology based games and limited time offers together to enliven consumer experience while promoting the latest delicious deal. 

The appeal of diversification and alternative scenery make global franchising irresistible for many food franchise operators. This year's report zeros in on the latest areas around the globe attracting coffee and pizza franchise investors and how adventurous franchisees are making their move abroad successful by adapting to local customer tastes. Meanwhile, food gifting franchises offer potential investors a wealth of untapped opportunities in a diverse segment of food franchising that caters to social and situational food purchases. As the industry grows, analysts predict customization will secure the segment as a durable and highly profitable option for food franchisees. 

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