BOSTON, MA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2013) - Entuity®, a leading global provider of enterprise-class network management solutions, today announced the appointment of Dr. Jeff Roper as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dr. Roper, having been with Entuity for over a decade, has been instrumental in providing both guiding principles and technical acumen to address the most demanding challenges faced by network operators in today's complex and ever-changing enterprise network landscape.

Dr. Roper's contributions to the overall success of the Entuity Network Management solution are as far reaching as they are deep. They include projects that both increase the overall understanding of how networks operate while also being translated into solid product features that help ease the overall burden of managing several hundred to thousands of network devices scattered around the globe. These include significant advances and enhancements in the areas of QoS, MPLS, IPSLA, service monitoring, configuration management, flow analysis, topology discovery, AA-NPM, virtualization support, routing protocols, XML API support, device support, device modeling, VoIP, and IPv6.

Dr. Roper has also been instrumental in defining and advancing the underlying intelligent architecture of the Entuity solution. Unlike other network management systems, Entuity is efficient by design. Rather than being a collection of previously acquired products that have been bolted together, Entuity is a unified solution with all the core functionality needed to run the network in a lot less time. And like the overall architecture, Entuity architectural elements must be agile to enable fast response to change. Legacy network management solutions, which generally require hard coding changes to data models, are not built to rapidly adapt. Entuity's extensible processing engine is designed to readily integrate new classes of infrastructure entities into the Entuity management environment. This enables Entuity to define object models upon a customer's request and to quickly add support for the desired technologies.

According to Dr. Roper, "It sounds cliché, but network management technology is evolving faster now than ever. The application of network insight to APM, the likely emergence of SDN architectures, the continuing demands on network management as a holistic functional discipline spanning operations to executive decision-making, and more make the task of remaining a leader in the space quite challenging and rewarding. At Entuity, we are committed to being the absolute best source of network insight in the Universe, and I'm very excited to be a part of it."

Entuity President and CEO, Michael Jannery, went on to say, "Sometimes, these moves are less about public relations, and more about recognizing a key staff member's contributions and achievements. Jeff has guided us to the best implementations supporting new technologies and the implementation of innovative functionality. He also stays personally involved with the day-to-day challenges our customers face by speaking and visiting with them frequently and by being a key resource to our Customer Support staff. As we track new initiatives such as Application-Aware Network Performance Management, Software Defined Networking, real-world IPv6 roll-outs, and continually evolving virtualization, I'm extremely comfortable relying on his perspectives to keep Entuity's position at the front of the pack."

Prior to joining Entuity in 2002, Dr. Roper held several position of increasing responsibility at ViewGate Networks, an innovator in providing real-time, end-to-end service management, including Senior Design Engineer, Team Leader and Software Architect. Before moving to ViewGate, Dr. Roper held a variety of positions with British defense agencies culminating in the position of Senior Scientific Officer/Senior Scientist with the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency.

Dr. Roper received his BSc with Honours in Computer Science from Nottingham University before going on to receive both a Masters (1995) and PhD (1999) from Cranfield University. Dr. Roper's dissertation explains his investigation into the computational techniques for predicting supersonic dynamic flows.

Dr. Roper is also a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Information Technology Professional, and member of the British Computer Society. 

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