RANCHO SANTA FE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2013) - The Metis Financial Network (Metis) has officially launched the first intelligence based technology platform established specifically for real estate, financial and advisory professionals. Real estate, financial and advisory professionals have long been burdened by antiquated practices that rely on time-consuming, manual processes that increase cost and reduce productivity. The Metis Intelligence Platform™ delivers client-specific tailored technologies throughout the life cycle of an asset, investment or assignment to alleviate these burdens.

"We began with a mission to develop an intelligence aggregating platform that would enable professionals and their teams to efficiently pool their individual intelligence and resources to solve market created problems," said Floyd W. Kephart, Chairman of Metis.

"Every firm faces continuous market imposed problems," Kephart added. "These problems, such as inaccurate data being provided to decision makers are the same issues that played a part in the economic collapse that occurred in 2008. Every professional is part of a team that must solve these problems, but they are amplified by the fact that every professional firm in real estate, finance, or the related advisors, attorneys, accountants, appraisers and consultants has developed its own internal processes in regard to data and document analytic requirements; timelines and reporting expectations, and security measures. Metis provides the most efficient, comprehensive and intelligent platform available on the market to aggregate and standardize diverse 'team intelligence' across firms to solve these problems and develop unequaled customized market solutions in the process."

The Metis Intelligence Platform's™ creation was led by industry veterans Joy Hou and Kephart. It was built from the ground up based on their personal experiences in the financial, real estate and advisory industries in addition to hundreds of interviews with industry professionals.

"We spent the last four years building and testing an intelligent platform that would give each professional the ability to do things their way but with efficiencies gained with technology," said Hou, co-founder and CEO of Metis Financial Network. "Metis offers the capability for origination, management, marketing, buyer/seller, internal/external collaboration with a single, personal quantification platform. Its users can pick and choose what components of the platform suit them best and through this streamlined technology-based approach they can instantly reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and ultimately save time."

The objective of Metis was to provide a client based technology center where solutions to market created problems could be developed and implemented that enabled each professional to maintain their method of doing business while capitalizing on evolving technology they didn't have to build, maintain, upgrade or support, so they could immediately reduce their cost, be more competitive, become more productive and solve the problems they faced.

Hou believes it is imperative that the industry begin to adapt to and integrate modern technologies in order to protect investors, management and advisors from many of the mistakes that lead to the recession in 2008. The launch of the Metis Intelligence Platform™ is a major step toward this goal. The company has only begun to demonstrate its use to market participants and is currently scheduling demonstrations of the platform's capabilities across the country.

Hou is a financial services and real estate executive with over 20 years of diverse real estate experience. She was previously a director in US Real Estate Capital Markets Group at Barclays Capital where she served as the head of the Hospitality practice in the US Real Estate Capital Markets Group where her responsibilities included originating equity investment opportunities as well as all debt products including CMBS fixed and floating rate mortgages, mezzanine loans, construction/mini permanent loans, and balance sheet loans. Before Barclays, Hou was a Vice President at Lehman Brother's Global Real Estate Group. In addition, she has held positions at Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, HVS International, and Champion International Investment Corporation.

Kephart, co-founder and chairman of the board of Metis Financial Network, has been Chairman of The Renaissance Companies, since founding it in 1987. He has more than 40 years of experience in financial engineering, corporate crisis management, strategic planning, and media and knowledge-based business decision-making. He has worked on major corporate, financial structuring or marketing projects with over 50 major clients including: Columbia/HCA, Sony, Sega, Chrysler, Volkswagen, NBC, ABC, Radio City Music Hall, NFL (Super Bowl), Branson, Mo., Vail Corporation, Harrah's, Producers Entertainment, and Harmony Holdings. Kephart has served on the S.E.C.'s Advisory Commission on Small Capital Formations and numerous corporate boards including Capital Development Corporation (1974-1979), a merchant banking firm, chairman of Insight Marketing Corporation (1992-1996), chairman and chief executive officer of Artists & Entertainment International, Inc. (1987-1997) creating the first on-line, real time sports database company, Sports News Network (SNN), and chairman of the Board of Leisure Industries (2002-2003). Kephart is also the founder of Trackcom and a primary designer of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club's mobile app that integrates information, marketing and wagering for thoroughbred racing.

Metis Intelligence Platform™ is proprietary, proven and SSAE 16 compliant. For more visit http://metisfn.com.