TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Sep 20, 2013) - The 2013 Digital Taipei International Digital Content Summit and Fair, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Development Bureau, curtained a successful event on the 17th. Under the active invitation from the organizers, a total of roughly 200 international buyers from 12 countries were accounted for. Completing hundreds of business negotiations and creating billions of dollars in business opportunities, the event boasts the tremendous global partnership opportunities it has created.

The Industrial Development Bureau Director-General, Jong-Chin Shen, asserted that the scale of this year's Digital Taipei event was even bigger and grander than previous years, and that attendance rate also exceeded expectations. This underlines the prospects of a positive future for the digital content industry. Moreover, the Taiwanese government has been actively promoting the Three Industries, Four Reform Industrial Development Policy and the Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services over the promotion of digital content industry to effectively enhance the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers and rapidly transcend into international or cross-strait markets.

Regarding the international forums, 26 sessions and discussions were organized, including 3 Master Forums led by the director of Tokyo TV's Animation Department, Mr. Yukio Kawasaki, Designer, Mr. Tommy Palm, and the marketing and communications director for LINE, Mr. Yajima Satoshi; 4 discussion forums, comprising the Mobile and On-line Game Forum, Integrated Technology and Applications Forum, Multi-Applications Forum, and Business Opportunities Forum; and 2 discussions on cross-strait partnership opportunities and industrial trends, namely, the Cross-Strait Internet Development Forum and the Cross-Strait Gaming Industries Summit. Each session facilitated over hundreds of audience, attracting a total of over 2000 attendants in the span of the 2-day event.

This year's special event Mobile Games Super Pitch was further organized, both proponents and collaborators exhibited a high degree of interaction. Eventually, buyers most favored eHooray Co., Ltd., Personal Studio (Mr. Shen-Da Tseng), and Mobili Studio, whom received the Greatest Potential Award and witnessed by all domestic and foreign guests. For the 2013 Digital Content Products Award, 7 finalists were selected from 24 nominees. These finalists displayed their works throughout the event, boasting the innovative capability of Taiwan's digital content companies, and leaving impressive images to all visitors.

Under the extreme influence of the 2012 global financial recession, the digital content industry in Taiwan has faced severe challenges. The GDP for Taiwan in 2012 was NT $688.3 billion; just a minor growth of 5.59% when compared to 2011. However, the output for the game industry still managed to achieve NT $ 40.7 billion above average and created 30,000 job opportunities. These statistics show that the digital content industry has maintained a concrete industrial foundation in Taiwan. We believe that Digital Taipei, which endeavors to agglomerate key international vendors onto this platform, can distribute even more high-quality digital content products and styles to the world (MEAIDB Advertisement).

About Digital Taipei 2013 Preparatory Committee

This is the fifth consecutive year of Digital Taipei since 2009. In five years, the event has continuously exerted in shaping Taiwan into an international exchange platform for digital content in the Asian Pacific region. In addition to further creating opportunities by showcasing domestic products on an international level, it is also our hope that latest news and trends in this industry can be exchanged, international strategic business alliances can be found and that new contacts and friendships among people in this industry can be established.

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