WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2013) - A frantic mother calls local police: Her 10-month old daughter has been abducted. Within 17 minutes police trace the perpetrator's mobile phone and location. In under an hour the kidnapper is caught and the infant returns home unharmed. The hero of this tale: mobile location data.

Mobile location is among the most important and widely used surveillance options pursued by law enforcement agencies (LEAs). The overwhelming majority of LEAs use some form of wireless surveillance via location data in investigations, per ACLU surveys. But with multiple surveillance and privacy laws in play, numerous inconsistent court interpretations, and the varying standards applied, mobile location data remains one of the most complex and challenging aspects of surveillance for all involved.

Wireless Surveillance: Carriers, Cops and Bad Guys, a new eGuide by Subsentio Senior Director of Government Affairs, Joel Margolis, helps communications service providers, general counsels, LEAs and policymakers map their way through the legal thicket of mobile location data. Highlights include:

  • The Law: Roles of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).
  • Methods of Gathering Mobile Data: Beepers, continuous pinging, location service under CALEA, and stored location records: Which are most prevalent? Which cause the greatest concern to privacy advocates?
  • Varying Standards: Probable cause, specific facts and relevance standards.
  • Legal Tests for Obtaining Court Orders: Congressional Intent, Fourth Amendment Tests and the Impact on the Sliding Scale of Due Process.
  • Provides a Neutral Framework of facts and law to help reach a fair resolution of a contentious issue.

Wireless Surveillance: Carriers, Cops and Bad Guys is available free of charge at www.subsentio.com

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