WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2013) - In addition to its existing high-performance, full-duplex 10G analysis solution, WildPackets, Inc., a leading provider of network and application performance analysis solutions, today announced its new, cost effective 10G analysis solution that provides data visibility into less demanding10G networks.

As more enterprises migrate to 10G networks, full visibility and 24x7 uptime assurance become a priority for the network engineers. 10G solutions designed for recording and analyzing fully utilized networks can be cost prohibitive for these organizations making the need for an affordable, still robust solution an absolute necessity. The new add-on to the product family allows WildPackets to offer the right solution for every 10G network environment.

"TRAC's research shows that managing 10G networks has become a major requirement for 36% of organizations, while 32% of organizations are looking to upgrade to 10G networks in the near future. Many of these organizations are finding that their current network monitoring tools are not as effective when deployed in 10G environments. WildPackets 10G analysis solution allows a broader group of user organizations to effectively address the challenges of managing 10Gb networks at optimal cost," said Bojan Simic, Principal Analyst, TRAC Research.

"High velocity data rates result in an incredible amount of information that traverses the network. Network issues and anomalies can occur more frequently and also be much more difficult to find. Without a network analysis and monitoring solution in place, you will miss key data that can help you uncover the problem that is occurring on your network -- whether the problem is a mere incident or has malicious intent," explained Tim McCreery, President and CEO of WildPackets. "Combined with our other products, this new solution is the most cost-effective10G capture solution on the market with benefits like our intuitive interface, expert analysis, filters and more capabilities that help reduce the time it takes to solve 10G network issues."

The new midrange 10G analysis solution with OmniAdapter MX is generally available today. For information about pricing, please contact sales@wildpackets.com or call (925) 937-3200.

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