OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 24, 2013) - Following the devastating aftermath in Mexico from storms Ingrid and Manuel, CAA North & East Ontario (CAANEO) is reminding individuals who have plans to travel to hurricane-prone areas to take precautions and prepare for potential impacts of extreme weather.

Individuals who are scheduled to travel to areas commonly impacted by severe weather during the hurricane season - which lasts from early June to late November - should keep in contact with their travel agent prior to their departure date to monitor the status of their travel plans. Areas most impacted by hurricanes are: the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and the east and Gulf coasts of the United States (particularly Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas).

"The safety of travellers is always at the forefront for CAA North & East Ontario and our travel partners," said Christina Hlusko, President and CEO of CAANEO. "Though this year's hurricane season has been relatively calm, the tragic destruction in Mexico earlier this month proves the instability of severe weather and the need to always take measures to prepare for the unexpected."

CAANEO advises travellers planning to visit destinations that are affected by hurricanes to remember the following:

  • register your itinerary at the Canadian government office in the country you plan to visit or online at;
  • provide family and friends in Canada with copies of your travel documents, including passport identification page, travel insurance plan, itinerary and details of accommodations;
  • purchase travel insurance that will specifically cover trip cancellation or interruption in the event of severe weather;
  • confirm the status of your travel arrangements prior to leaving;
  • while abroad, monitor local news and weather reports. Always pay attention to the advice of local authorities and tour operators;
  • before leaving, regularly check the federal government's travel reports and warnings at for essential information on your destination.

CAA Members who have questions about their intended travel plans to hurricane-prone destinations are encouraged to contact a CAA Travel Professionals at 1-800-267-8713 or by visiting a CAA Store.

CAA North & East Ontario provides roadside assistance to Members, along with an extensive array of travel and insurance services designed to suit the individual needs, wants and expectations of our Members. Detailed information on the wide range of services available with CAA North & East Ontario can be found at

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