KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2013) - AdStation, Adknowledge's email channel, is announcing a renewed strategic focus on email technology, placing a premium on traffic quality, brand safety, and publisher returns. As a result, AdStation is discontinuing distribution methodologies that don't directly integrate with the AdStation technology platforms. This includes its affiliate network, which will be phased out on October 1, 2013.

"We listened to the market. Brand safety and user lifetime value are what matter to our advertisers," said AdStation General Manager Matt Hoggatt. "By only working with publishers that directly integrate with us, we have full visibility and increased control over the quality of our traffic sources," Hoggatt said. "As part of this initiative, we will unveil several new product features allowing precision targeting, brand safety controls and enhanced transparency, which all serve to provide the highest value customers to our advertisers. In short: we have eliminated the risks that come with affiliate-style marketing, while maintaining all of the benefits."

AdStation's flagship publisher product, AdStation Integrated, has grown so dramatically in the past year that the affiliate network has become virtually obsolete. This renewed focus on our core competencies builds on these recent successes by ensuring, with data to prove it, the safest, highest quality traffic possible. "In the future, we will leverage our targeting technology and quality controls with every ad served. To do so, we need to eliminate products that don't use that technology," Hoggatt said.

About Adknowledge
Adknowledge is a leading online network that offers unique ad formats, data analysis, targeting algorithms, and creative approaches, providing advertisers with quality leads from hard to-reach places on the Web across multiple channels, including social networks, display, games, mobile, apps, and email. With hundreds of employees located throughout North America, plus growing offices in Europe and Asia, Adknowledge aims to set the standard in optimizing online advertiser ROI. For more information on Adknowledge, visit www.adknowledge.com.

About AdStation
AdStation, Adknowledge's email network channel, is the leader in email advertising and data monetization. Featuring a response-based targeting system that processes 20 billion calculations a day to match offers to precisely targeted consumers, AdStation delivers industry-leading yields on a fully outsourced or strategically integrated basis via a comprehensive performance advertising solution, reaching more than 400 million unique users. Boasting real-time statistics, targeting driven deliverability and custom creatives, AdStation maintains consistently high-quality conversions resulting in industry leading ROI. For more information about AdStation, visit www.adstation.com.

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