VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Sept. 30, 2013) - TSO Logic, developers of energy efficiency software for data centers, today announced a relationship with Intel® that will provide data centers with unprecedented visibility into server power costs and usage, along with the tools to significantly decrease energy consumption.

With this first-of-its-kind integration, TSO Logic's industry-leading Application-Aware Power Management solution will incorporate Intel's Data Center Manager (DCM) software to communicate with hardware manufacturers, such as IBM and Dell, to unlock new power control capabilities for the industry.

TSO Logic's software uses workload and application-level inspection to determine how much data center's power is being used for revenue-generating activities versus idle servers. This easy-to-implement solution then uses proprietary algorithms to adjust server power draw based on need and has proven to cut power costs in excess of 50 percent without sacrificing performance or making changes to IT infrastructure.

"Pressing data center challenges such as limited capacity, constrained budgets, and increasing demand have raised the power usage issue to the top of the agenda for data center operators and C-level management. Unfortunately, traditional metrics only tell half the power management and consumption story," said Andrew Donoghue, senior analyst for 451 Research. "TSO Logic is tackling the problem by developing tools that enable a more nuanced understanding of how power is consumed in data centers. Additionally, through the TSO Logic and Intel partnership customers can now actively manage and reduce power usage without impacting IT service delivery."

"Our relationship with TSO Logic offers an extensive solution that leads to real time reductions in server power usage," said Jeff Klaus, General Manager, Data Center Solutions at Intel Corporation. "Intel DCM opens up an extensive menu of power and thermal control functions from various hardware manufacturers to enhance the agility of TSO Logic's software."

By integrating with Intel's DCM, TSO Logic instantly supports a broader range of hardware and offers an extended menu of power control features that provide more granular power control functions beyond the traditional on or off modes.

"We are on a bold mission to measure and reduce data center server power usage and Intel is the ideal partner to help us extend our capabilities and reach new markets," said Aaron Rallo, founder and CEO of TSO Logic. "Intel's insight into next generation devices will ensure that we continue to provide customers the most advanced power management features on as many device types as possible."

Intel and TSO Logic will be demonstrating the proprietary Application-Aware Power Management solution at AFCOM's Data Center World in Orlando between September 29 and October 2, 2013 at Intel Booth #423.

About TSO Logic

TSO Logic provides software for monitoring and reducing energy consumption at in-house server farms and large data centers. Their Application-Aware Power Management software allows data centers to automatically control the power state of servers based on application demand, without impacting availability or performance and without changes to infrastructure. TSO Logic received international recognition when it was awarded the prestigious 2013 Uptime Symposium Green Enterprise IT Award. TSO Logic is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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