LAS VEGAS, Oct. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iScan Online, pioneers of opportunistic security scanning from the cloud to any device, anytime, anywhere, today announced a new user-friendly approach that will prioritize and simplify how users remediate their own devices. The new BYOD remediation feature, announced at the McAfee FOCUS 13 Security Conference, categorizes issues by vendor and directs users to the easiest ways to update their devices to reduce and eliminate vulnerabilities.

More organizations are facing the security challenges created when individuals bring their own devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to the enterprise. On the one hand, they can increase employee productivity, but on the other, they can introduce risks to network and data security. Because these devices are employee owned, they cannot be remediated via traditional patch and system management solutions. iScan Online's BYOD remediation breaks these barriers by categorizing and prioritizing the issues identified on the device and empowering users with concise guidance and active links for remediating their devices.

"Given traditional security scanning approaches, the amount of data presented to the average user is overwhelming and confusing to BYOD users, resulting in no action being taken to secure their devices," said Carl Banzhof, CEO of iScan Online. "We've taken away the complexity and security geek speak by providing an easily actionable list of 'top things you need to do today'."

iScan Online is pioneering security in BYOD and managed service environments. This new capability not only helps organizations secure their networks and applications against the risks introduced from vulnerable devices, it also empowers end users to become more aware of security risks and take action to protect themselves and their companies.

iScan Online leverages its highly scalable cloud platform and data analytics to evaluate the security assessment data from devices and deliver the prioritized remediation guidance to the user in seconds.

The BYOD remediation feature is available immediately and is being demonstrated by iScan Online in the SIA Pavilion at the McAfee 2013 FOCUS conference in Las Vegas, October 1-3 2013.

About iScan Online

iScan Online provides BYOD and mobile device security for detecting vulnerabilities, configuration, compliance (PCI, HIPAA) and Data Discovery on mobile and traditional computing devices. Delivered via the cloud, iScan's unique patent-pending technology enables it to deliver advanced scanning and mobility management in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional technologies. Headquartered in Plano, TX and expanding its international presence, iScan Online is the recipient of the MSPWorld Cup Award™ 2013 from MSP Alliance. For more information, please visit

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