LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2013) - Money 2020, kiosk #412 -- Online identity verification service miiCard today introduced Express Identity Verification as a supporting identity tool within the Yodlee Interactive (YI) ACE ecosystem. YI's ACE helps partners like miiCard directly distribute their FinApp to financial institutions or publishers seeking innovation. miiCard's new service empowers consumers, businesses and developers to create a more secure and trusted online environment for financial transactions across the web with increased speed and convenience.

miiCard Express Identity Verification instantly proves a consumer's online identity to the level of an offline photo ID check. This verified identity is portable and can be used by consumers and businesses anywhere online to secure a wide range of services, including instant loan approvals, real-time credit approvals, authorization for high dollar transactions, or even to deliver personalized financial advice.

"miiCard allows consumers and businesses to do more online by connecting them in confidence and without the risk of fraud," said miiCard CEO James Varga. "By leveraging the Yodlee Interactive API, miiCard makes it possible to authorize, deploy or integrate the web's most trusted consumer-centric identity verification solution within seconds."

miiCard will make its pre-wrapped service available to developers within YI's ACE FinApp ecosystem for a simple integration of Express Identity Verification within a few lines of code. Using the miiCard API, developers can then seamlessly integrate miiCard's portable identity service and supporting features like Certified Bank Statements and Location Aware Authentication with their own back-end processes and security requirements. 

"miiCard's Express Identity Verification allows financial applications in our ACE FinApp ecosystem to offer higher value products and services," said Chief Strategy & Development Officer Yodlee, Inc. & General Manager Yodlee Interactive Joseph Polverari. "miiCard's new Express Identity Verification makes it easy for developers to expand their offerings and the universe of financial services available to consumers."

miiCard's patented Level of Assurance 3+ identity verification leverages the authority and security inherent in a member's online financial accounts to prove identity to passport or photo ID standard. miiCard can also be used as a global Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) service that gives individuals the convenience, control, ease and flexibility of a single trusted identity that can be used across the web. miiCard is available in ten countries and can verify over 350 million people today.

miiCard Express Identity Verification will available for demo at kiosk #412 at Money2020.

About miiCard

miiCard is a global online identity service (IDaaS) platform that establishes true trust online by guaranteeing an individual's identity to the level of an offline photo ID check, completely online and in just minutes. miiCard helps businesses eliminate fraud, reduce manual processing costs, and prevent high rates of dropout when offline identity checks are required. A member-driven service, based on the principles of Bring Your Own Identity, miiCard empowers consumers to proactively manage their digital identity, build trust online, and trade and transact with confidence. miiCard currently supports the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France and Spain.

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