IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2013) - Bosch home appliances, long recognized as a leader in kitchen appliances, is extending its reputation for precision German engineering to all areas of the home with an all-new compact laundry line. With the ability to accommodate large loads of laundry in less time and with less natural resources, the new laundry platform boasts the fastest combined wash and dry cycles in the industry. The new Bosch laundry pair is designed for easy installation and is the first energy efficient compact 24" laundry line with the cleaning power of a full sized model. 

"Bosch home appliances is a leader in manufacturing dishwashers, and now we are excited to extend our expertise into other parts of the home," said Stephanie Hutaff, director of product marketing for Bosch home appliances. "The laundry pair not only boasts striking European design and installation flexibility, it also can efficiently clean large loads with as little resources as possible."

  • Industry's Best-in-Class Installation:  Designed to make installation easier than ever, the laundry pair requires no duct for venting, and the washer plugs into the dryer so that only one electrical plug is needed. These functions were designed to save money on installation fees, and also provide consumers with endless options for where they install their laundry pair. With under counter, stackable and side-by-side installation options, the laundry pair can easily serve as the highlight of the laundry room or a hidden gem in a non-traditional space, like the den or a bedroom. Consumers can also feel comfortable including the units upstairs thanks to the Bosch-exclusive AquaShield® and AquaStop®, water leak protection systems, which help prevent against flooding.

  • Sleek design for seamless integration:  With a large capacity on a 24" footprint, the matching Bosch laundry pair packs a big punch in a small, well designed package. The line is available in three design options and includes new sleek control panels and door designs, stainless steel and chrome accents, as well as the signature Bosch Magneto on the front panel for a sleek, European look. While the unit might occupy less space, the new Bosch laundry pair can accommodate several large towels, multiple pairs of jeans and men's shirts, and includes a larger door so that consumers can easily add and remove clothes into the machines.

  • Quality German engineering:  The new, ENERGY STAR-qualified line delivers the same quality German engineering that is synonymous with Bosch throughout the world. With the fastest combined wash and dry cycles in the industry, the new Bosch laundry pair can clean a load of laundry from start to finish in just 30 minutes. The laundry pair incorporates a raindrop structured drum surface and an Anti Vibration system with circular side walls and a 3D sensor to gently clean clothes with excellent results. The dryer's condensation drying system eliminates the need to exhaust any air to the outside, allowing for more energy efficient cycles and easy installation anywhere.

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