AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2013) - Austinite Toni Born is seeking help from crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise an additional $9,999 in a nationwide fundraising campaign that begins today and ends on December 8, 2013. Please help Toni pay for final her surgery by making a small donation at:

Toni tried several options to pay for the two surgeries that she needed. Her credit union, University Federal Credit Union, her credit card company and several other local banks denied her application for an unsecured loan to finance the $30,000 she needed to pay for medical bills and hospital stay.

Luckily there was a local Good Samaritan bank in town, Wells Fargo, which was willing to take a chance on Toni based on her credit history and listening to her inspirational story.

"In the banking business, we are presented with a lot of unique requests for personal loans, but as I listened to Toni's story, it really tugged on my heart strings. I checked her credit history and was pleased to see that she had a great credit score on all three credit bureaus," stated Emily McKenzie, a Wells Fargo loan officer at the Brodie Lane Branch in South Austin. "Toni received the loan based on her credit history and now she has moved all of her business to Wells Fargo because she feels that we are a bank that truly cares about her -- and we do. We are in the relationship business."

McKenzie added, "We sincerely hope that she can find enough crowdfunding donors on Indiegogo to help her pay for the final surgery. She deserves it!"

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