VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Oct. 14, 2013) - Cambridge House International is pleased to announce the world's upcoming premier silver investment conference, The Silver Summit 2013, to take place during a time in which, according to the experts---profitability of the world's silver mining industry is now "at the margin".

Upcoming Silver Summit 2013 speaker, David Morgan, commonly known as "The Silver Guru", noted in a recent interview that, "Silver [is] at the margin right now. The margin means what it costs a primary silver producer to get it out of the ground and refine [it]. It's around $22 an oz. and that's where we are. So anytime you can buy a commodity at or below, especially below the cost of production, and have some patience---you're going to make some money."

David's belief set is reflected in the current portfolio management strategy of recent Cambridge House keynote speaker Eric Sprott, founder of Sprott Asset Management. "Eric Sprott…is as aggressive as I have seen him since the year 2000," notes Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, in describing Eric's appetite for producing miners at this time. "He is as is his style, the style that has made him a billionaire---very aggressively going into the marginal junior producers…companies that barely make money [at these silver prices]."

On finding marginal silver producers worthy of investment, David Morgan further commented that, "If you're hungry for a good opportunity…It would behoove anyone that would like to have a high potential gain and some patience to go and visit some of these companies [at The Silver Summit 2013], because they all put up booths and you can in many cases talk to the CEO or the geologist or both, face to face. There are not too many conferences where you can do that."

Speaking towards the Mine Tour opportunities available at The Silver Summit 2013, David explained that learning how to tour a mining company's operations, "Is very important… Whoever the company is, generally speaking…always [has] 'the best property, the best location, the best infrastructure, the best mining manager and the best geologist,' they all say that…but when you're on the ground, you can get a much better sense of what the water supply is, what the townspeople are like, how far [the mine] is from the nearest mill…[so] being there means a lot."

While the underground mine tour at The Silver Summit 2013 has just been fully booked, a few spots remain open for the mill tours. It should be noted that mine site tours are usually very high cost and reserved only for investment bank analysts, but as the world's leading resource investment conference organizer, we seek to make these educational opportunities available to all investors!

The Silver Summit 2013 will be on October 24th-25th, 2013 at The Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA.

The Silver Summit 2013 Mine & Mill Tours will take place on October 23rd.

To learn more and register for the conference and tours online now, visit: Our Registration Page

The Silver Summit 2013 will be a fascinating event, and with the world silver mining industry under its most intense pressure since 2001, "at the margin" silver producers should offer great investment opportunity to those investors who are "willing to do the work", as Rick Rule is known for saying, in terms of getting out, speaking to management, and visiting a company's operations.

To view the event agenda, speaker & company roster and more, visit: The Silver Summit 2013

About The Silver Summit: The world's premier silver event, at 11 years running includes all things silver. Explorers, producers, bullion dealers and media will fill the booths while the world's silver gurus educate and deliver advice to silver investors. This conference is a must attend for anyone interested or involved in the silver sector, and is sure to be a brilliant two day event.

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We hope to see you there!

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