ATLANTA, GA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Oct 15, 2013) - PageUp People, a leading multinational talent management solutions provider, today announced details of its partnership with Officeworks, Australia's leading retailer and supplier of office products and solutions for the home, business and education. Through this engagement, Officeworks has worked with PageUp People to create an environment in which its talent development is in full alignment with its strategic direction. 

Recent research suggests that only 14 percent of employees understand their company's strategy and direction, which helps to explain why there are often significant gaps in achieving organizational alignment. Yet, companies that are able to align employee development and goals with the overall strategic objectives of the organization are likely to experience greater levels of employee satisfaction and motivation and higher retention rates. And with data showing that up to 70 percent of an organization's operating costs is its talent, organizations that achieve this alignment can improve their bottom line significantly.

Officeworks currently employs more than 6,000 team members and operates 150 retail stores in communities across the country. In light of its growth, Officeworks recognized the importance of investing not just in its people, but also empowering them to understand how they could make an impact on the organization's performance. To achieve the goal of aligning its talent practices with its overall business strategy, the company sought to implement a robust talent management platform that could facilitate the process. Working with PageUp People and its advanced Unified Talent Management suite, Officeworks has been able to align employee development with its objectives and create a culture where employees understand how their individual contributions help the company as whole and are eager to advance their careers within the company.

"Empowering our people to easily access and engage with our talent practices is a critical component in the success of our undertaking. Working with PageUp People we have been able to support our processes with a user friendly and intuitive technology solution," said Martin Duffy, Officeworks Human Resources Director.

"Talent Management as an enabler of business outcomes is not a new concept, but one that in our experience, many organizations are keen to achieve," said Dominic Toledo, Senior Vice President for PageUp People. "Partnering with Officeworks on its journey, we have provided a platform that enables the company to concentrate its change efforts on the culture they are striving to create, with the technology seen as an enabler, not the catalyst for change."

The key elements of PageUp People's Unified Talent Management suite that enable organizations such as Officeworks to empower its people in the talent process include:

  • Straightforward Succession Planning - enabling identification of critical roles and critical people and their successors at all critical levels of the organization, not just executives.
  • Multi process Performance Management - supporting diverse performance processes aligned to differing role or department requirements.
  • Timely Feedback - mobile-enabled, on-the-spot capturing of performance and development feedback.
  • Seamless Development - development incorporated within the performance process, enabling focus on performance improvement aligned to business goals.
  • One Stop Career Development - promoting and recognizing all forms of learning including informal (supporting the 70/20/10 rule).
  • Consolidated and simplified Talent Management - employees engaged in and driving talent processes.

More details about how Officeworks is undertaking this challenging journey can be found in a recent webinar hosted by PageUp People:

Additional information about PageUp People's Unified Talent Management suite can be found at:

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