ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 15, 2013) - Corent Technology today announced that its ground-breaking SurPaaS® Velocity, an innovative, elastic, and scalable Software as a Service Delivery Platform, is now available "as a Service" on NephoScale Cloud -- the very first self-service offering of its kind.

IT Link Solutions is the first software vendor to realize all the benefits of SurPaaS Velocity by taking its CRM application to production as a fully instrumented SaaS (Software as a Service) on NephoScale Cloud.

"Corent's SurPaaS running on NephoScale's High Performance Cloud Platform is a disruptive technology offering self-service SaaS delivery to ISVs. We applaud Corent for developing this advanced technology that simplifies, automates, and accelerates the migration path to scalable SaaS. We are delighted to be the first cloud provider to offer such a value-added and differentiated service, and to take first customer to production on SurPaaS Velocity," said Bruce Templeton, CEO, NephoScale.

Corent's SurPaaS Velocity offers robust self-service platform for SaaS-enablement and service delivery of software applications. ISVs can now offer their software products to broader markets quickly without having to invest years in re-architecting their software and millions of dollars to building the management, administration and operations tools that a scalable SaaS offering requires.

"Existing software vendors can now extend the life of their proven software products and compete with newer software companies by modernizing their existing software applications and converting them to SaaS quickly and confidently using SurPaaS Velocity," said Feyzi Fatehi, CEO Corent Technology.

"Corent's SurPaaS Velocity provides one-of-a-kind self-service SaaS platform. Now software applications can be deployed on the cloud in a scalable and elastic SaaS model and delivered virtually overnight. Using SurPaaS, we were able to shrink a ten months development project to eight days using SurPaaS. But, now with SurPaaS Velocity, we can transform same software applications directly on the cloud in a self-serve manner only in day or two!" explained Fauzia Sid, President, IT Link Solutions.

"We welcome our new Cloud partner NephoScale and new customer IT Link Solutions. Empowered by SurPaaS, we all look forward to be a disrupter in each of our respective market segments," added Fatehi.

About NephoScale
NephoScale is a world-class provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing. NephoScale is a proven technology leader and offers the highest performing public and private clouds, delivering on-demand Cloudlet virtual cloud servers, BareMetal Dedicated servers, Elastic Networking, and ObjectStor object-based cloud storage to customers worldwide. The company developed the first build language for the cloud, named CloudScript, that greatly reduces the time and effort required to provision and manage cloud infrastructure services. NephoScale is headquartered in Silicon Valley and can be found online at

About Corent Technology
Corent Technology is a leading provider of SaaS-Enablement and software delivery as a Service. Corent's SurPaaS was named the "2012 Cloud Product of the Year" and has received multiple other industry awards and recognitions since. SurPaaS has been in production at well recognized companies including Boeing, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmy Awards ®), EMAS Pro, Thinxtream and uPhotoMeasure, among others. Corent that recently announced a Partnership with Dell Services for global distribution and implementation of SurPaaS -- is managed by a team of Silicon Valley veterans from companies such as Apple, IBM, HP, Oracle, Sun and Sybase. For more information about Corent, please visit

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