BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 15, 2013) - SoundView Technology Group: New report highlights an emerging technology company, NXT-ID (OTCQB: NXTD), as a provider of "Mobile-Bio" technology to enable mobile commerce industry-wide.

The lack of robust security is one of the chief obstacles holding this market back. Technology leaders like Apple have been making acquisitions (like AuthenTec for $350M in July of 2012) and filing patents to attempt to provide some of these features on the iPhone.

Passwords have become the joke of the information security industry since they offer no real protection in most cases. Biometric techniques must incorporate multiple factors to be secure and easy to use. Combinations of fingerprint, facial recognition, voice and big data analysis will be the essence of future secure consumer systems, for mobile in particular.

NXT-ID (NXTD) had developed a platform of "Mobile-Bio" technologies the address the needs of this market which include:

1. Mobile-Bio FaceMatchTM - 2D, 3D and pseudo-3D methods to perform facial recognition.

2. The WocketTM - a new class of biometrically secure mobile devices designed to replace the traditional wallet.

3. Mobile-Bio SensorTM - a simple, web-enabled, biometric-enabled external device that is used for local authentication and remote authentication with the BioCloud and/or remote servers.

4. VoiceMatchTM - a unique biometric-enabled method to add multi-factor biometric identifiers (both speech and speaker recognition) to Dynamic Pairing Codes using a simple low-power embedded processor on an external device.

5. Mobile BioCloudTM - a cloud-based end-point (authentication service) to authenticate any "end-point" along a communication path, including external biosensors.

According to the authors of this report, Stephen Waite and Kris Tuttle, "NXT-ID biometric security products target a broad market opportunity space that includes m-commerce, enterprise, law enforcement, defense and Homeland Security."

NXT-ID is an early stage technology company going after a large market. Based on initial traction and a conservative intrinsic valuation (IV) model show a fair value of $10.90/share we see the company continuing to benefit from intensive investor attention to this space.

Our full report is available here:

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