SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2013) -  Entelo today announced details of its strategic integration with Jobvite, the leading recruitment platform for the social web. Through this partnership, users of Jobvite Engage, the industry-leading candidate relationship management solution, will benefit from access to Entelo's extensive database of active and passive job seekers, including more than 10 million IT professionals.

Employers currently face numerous difficulties in connecting with top talent, from job boards that fail to produce the desired results to the time-consuming process of searching for passive candidates. The integration of Entelo's database into Jobvite Engage promises to make recruiting easier, faster, and more productive. Customers of Jobvite and Entelo will now be able to use both tools without leaving their Jobvite screen, improving workflow and reducing time-to-hire. With direct connection to the Entelo database, Jobvite Engage users can import candidates' robust Entelo profiles right into their Jobvite Hire ATS, resulting in richer candidate profiles, all in one place.

The integration represents a combination of two of today's most forward-thinking and innovative HR technology companies. Jobvite Engage was selected as a "Top HR Product of the Year" by Human Resource Executive and as an "Awesome New Technology for HR" at the 16th Annual HR Technology® Conference and Exposition. Entelo was also selected as an "Awesome New Technology for HR," a designation recognizing the most innovative software solutions that promise to revolutionize the HR function. As a result, the companies can provide their joint clients with a cutting-edge solution that changes the way they recruit and hire qualified talent.

Kirsten Ostler, recruiting manager at creativeLIVE Inc., an Entelo and Jobvite customer, commented, "In finding Software Engineers with the right background and specific skill set creativeLIVE is seeking, the Entelo and Jobvite integration has resulted in a more productive and precise recruiting pipeline."

"Recruiters need to bring a marketing mindset to the hiring process. They need to build their own talent pools and really understand each candidate to tailor the experience accordingly," said Kimberley Kasper, chief marketing officer of Jobvite. "Entelo's database and real-time social information are instrumental in giving our clients in-depth insight on available candidates, helping them make the connections that lead to their next hires."

"Given the many challenges today's employers encounter when searching for right-fit talent, our goal has always been to develop new tools and processes that can bring some much needed improvement to the traditional recruiting process," said Jon Bischke, founder and CEO of Entelo. "By offering our database of qualified candidates and real-time social data to users of Jobvite Engage, we can give employers the competitive advantage they need to hire the right candidates today, and build talent pools they can leverage in the future."

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Entelo empowers companies to find the right candidates at the right time. By analyzing over 70 variables, Entelo's patent-pending Sonar platform identifies relevant job candidates for open positions who are more likely to be open to new opportunities. With its database of over 10 million candidates, Entelo also provides a powerful search engine for talent. Entelo streamlines the recruiting process, allowing recruiters to spend more time connecting with potential candidates and delivering results. For more information including pricing, please visit