Continuuity Announces Reactor 2.0 -- Easier, Faster Big Data App Development

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2013) - Continuuity, creator of the industry's first scale-out application server for Apache Hadoop, today announced the availability of Continuuity Reactor 2.0. Developers and businesses can quickly and easily build and deploy production Big Data apps on Continuuity Reactor 2.0. The latest version is designed for production enterprise apps with features that include MapReduce scheduling, Resource Isolation, High Availability and full support for REST APIs.

Continuuity Reactor 2.0 has been re-architected for performance, scalability and reliability. It increases developer productivity in the enterprise through a simplified programming framework and scalable runtime. Continuuity Reactor 2.0 enables all Java developers to quickly start building applications on Apache Hadoop and HBase, and removes the need to hire and retain expensive and hard to find, specialized Big Data engineers.

"Continuuity eliminates much of the work that comes with juggling huge Hadoop batch processes and allows our developers to concentrate on developing innovative applications," said Jeremy Pinkham, CTO of Lotame. "Now we can use more of our time and resources on our core business."

"IDC estimates the Big-Data market will be worth $23.8 billion by 2016, but there is a real crunch for talent at companies trying to capitalize on the trend. Even large enterprises with great resources might only have five people who can run MapReduce while that same organization may have 20,000 very skilled Java developers," said Mike Dauber, principal at Battery Ventures. "Continuuity is filling a real need by enabling those skilled Java developers to step-in and fill the Big Data talent gap."

The platform takes advantage of YARN (Apache Hadoop 2.0), which allows developers to run data-rich applications with support for batch processing and real-time streaming capabilities in a single Hadoop cluster. Continuuity Reactor 2.0 enables developers to run an entire end-to-end application in one platform with an integrated web server. To see an application powered by Continuuity, check out Streamy Lite at Additional application examples are available in the Reactor 2.0 Development Kit.

"The next step in the evolution of Big Data is emergence of an applications market," said Tony Baer, principal analyst for Ovum. "Continuuity is one of the first tools providers to develop an operational application-oriented middleware platform for Hadoop. Reactor 2.0 is helping pioneer an application platform for Hadoop, just as Java-based application servers did so for Internet applications."

"We have made significant improvements to our platform with the developer always in mind. We believe that the future of Big Data is applications. To realize that future, the power of Hadoop and HBase must be made accessible to all developers in a simple and intuitive way. Our 2.0 release puts the focus on your application logic, not on Hadoop, so that developers can create and deploy applications quickly and easily," said Jonathan Gray, CEO of Continuuity.

Here is a summary of new features in Continuuity Reactor 2.0:

  • Workflow - Workflow allows scheduling and chaining of MapReduce jobs.
  • High Availability - Continuuity Reactor 2.0 instances and its components are highly available supporting failover and redundancy.
  • Resource View - Users can monitor resource utilization of storage, memory and CPU at different levels (Reactor, Application or individual components).
  • Resource Isolation - Users can isolate resources, such as memory and CPU, for components and applications within a Reactor by using LXC and cgroups to prevent resource over-consumption and enable better multi-tenancy.
  • Full REST API Support - A user can manage all aspects of Continuuity Reactor 2.0 using REST APIs.
  • New APIs - A whole set of new APIs are available to support workflow, real-time and batch processing.
  • Full Application Support - A user can run an entire end-to-end application on a Local or Sandbox Reactor with an integrated web server.
  • Kerberos and Hadoop Security Integration - Continuuity Reactor 2.0 can run on a secure Hadoop cluster using Kerberos authentication.
  • Usability - Continuuity Reactor 2.0 has simplified configurations and includes easy-to-use tools.
  • Stability and Performance - Continuuity Reactor 2.0 has been optimized for stability and performance.

For more information on Continuuity Reactor 2.0, please visit CEO Jon Gray's blog at

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Continuuity makes it easy for any Java developer to build, deploy, scale and manage Apache Hadoop and HBase applications in the cloud or on-premise. Continuuity Reactor, its flagship product, is the industry's first scale-out application server and development suite for Hadoop. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., the company is backed by leading investors including Battery Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners. The team has built and operated some of the largest Big Data apps in the world.

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