ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Oct 30, 2013) - Having been in practice for 32 years, Orlando dentist Alfredo Gapuz, Jr., DMD has witnessed how a beautiful smile can give a patient a boost in self-confidence and allow their personality to shine through. At his cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Gapuz says treatments like porcelain dental veneers offer patients an effective, long-lasting way to rejuvenate their smiles. However, for a full porcelain veneer procedure, it can sometimes take a few weeks for the veneers to be crafted. For the patient who desires immediate results, Dr. Gapuz offers non-prep veneers to create a new smile in just a single office visit.

In a recent blog post titled "Benefits Of Non-Prep Veneers," Dr. Gapuz says, "For the patient who needs results tomorrow and cannot afford the time that porcelain veneers require, non-prep veneers can be the optimal choice for revitalizing a smile." From his experience, many of the patients that elect for non-prep veneers are about to go on vacation or attend a special event and want to look their best for the occasion. He says non-prep veneers provide a quick and easy way to address cosmetic concerns such as chipped, stained, cracked, worn, or broken teeth.

However, a fast way to rejuvenate a smile is not the only benefit non-prep veneers offer. According to Dr. Gapuz, the process for the procedure employs a conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry. "Since non-prep veneers generally do not require the removal of any enamel or compromise the integrity of the tooth," says Dr. Gapuz, "patients will almost always maintain their original, natural tooth structure." With the original tooth structure intact, patients typically have the option of removing the non-prep veneers at a later date to pursue a different method of smile restoration.

Dr. Gapuz collaborates with his patients during the consultation process to select a tooth shade that will blend with the natural tooth color and provide an aesthetically appealing result. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the teeth, the ultra-thin veneers can improve function as well. For patients who are seeking the fastest way to address their cosmetic concerns, Dr. Gapuz says non-prep veneers can be the ideal solution.

About Alfredo M. Gapuz, Jr., DMD

Dr. Gapuz earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at De Ocampo Memorial College (formerly known as Philippine Dental College). In addition to completing a course in implantology at the Center for Dental Implants of South Florida, Dr. Gapuz took a Comprehensive Implant Dentistry course at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and has completed the Advanced Adhesive Aesthetic Dentistry Program at the Las Vegas Institute. Dr. Gapuz is continuing his education in Advanced Functional Restorative Dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute, where he is focusing his studies on neuromuscular dentistry. He is available for interview upon request.

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