FRANKLIN, TN--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Naxos of America offers a diverse roster of newly distributed labels in November.

FARAO Classics is a Munich-based classical record label founded a decade ago with the idea of shifting the artistic process of making a recording of music. From the planning stages, through the actual recording, editing, and mixing, the process is completely in the hands of musicians.

French-based Indésens Records is a detailed exploration of the instrumental music of the 19th and 20th centuries. The label's catalogue includes music by Thierry Escaich, Nicolas Bacri and Henri Dutilleux, as well as Stravinsky, Copland, Haydn and many more.

Lauda produces recordings with programs mainly centered on Spanish vocal music of the 16th through 18th centuries. The label's recordings are the end result of a process of musical recovery that begins with scientific research and culminates in the performance of unpublished works that have never been recorded.

Navras Records specializes in live concert CDs and DVDs from the Indian Subcontinent for the last 20 years. From Amjad to Zakir, the label is highly respected and is known by both the musicians and the listeners alike as a prestigious label with an output of quality music.

Orlando Records is a label for alternative music, crossover, jazz and contemporary music with links to the classical world. It is the label for "classical" artists to realize projects which lead them to new territories, while also featuring legendary avant garde artists like Gerhard Rühm.

Embracing contemporary musical expression throughout the entire contemporary landscape of creative music, Outnote aims to transcribe the stimulating aesthetic vitality of our age faithfully and in the finest detail.

Co-founded in 2003 by jazz aficionado Ralph Bürklin and saxophonist Jason Seizer, Pirouet Records is a jazz label that concentrates on the modern international jazz in the tradition of the 20th century.

Founded in 2002 and specializing in electronic music, Raumklang Music has released albums from artists such as klangstabil and Patenbrigade Wolff. In 2009, the label turned its focus to industrial and electronica.

The Walhall Eternity Series is a collection of historic opera recordings that feature premieres as well as long-unavailable recordings, brought back to life in excellent quality.

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