DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - GeoPoll publicly launched today as the world's largest real-time mobile survey platform. GeoPoll also announced that it has closed a $6.6 million Series A financing round, for a total of $11.6 million raised to date.

For the first time, businesses and non-profit organizations can gain deep, real-time insights into the wants, needs and concerns of previously hard to reach populations across the globe. Powered by a database of more than 50 million mobile users in 20 countries, GeoPoll gives companies intelligence to better serve developing markets, while helping organizations address global issues such as health, nutrition and human rights.

While economic growth rates continue to accelerate in developing countries, traditional market research methodologies such as face-to-face surveys are slow, costly and not optimized for the unique physical, economic and social conditions of these areas. And while web-based survey technologies are real-time, these solutions are inherently skewed as Internet penetration is less than 15 percent. Mobile use is widespread and growing quickly, making it an ideal channel to reach people and markets in developing nations. GeoPoll is designed to be an essential mobile market intelligence platform for any organization seeking insights about these new and emerging populations.

"The world is changing. Developing nations in Africa and Asia are growing at historic rates. Yet for any organization trying to better understand these regions, they're largely running blind in terms of market intelligence," said James Eberhard, CEO and founder of GeoPoll. "We are changing this with our mobile-based platform that can instantly and iteratively deliver deep, accurate insights about any developing market or area across the globe. We believe we have a unique opportunity to not only revolutionize market research, but also have a meaningful impact on some of the most important economic and social issues of our time."

GeoPoll's platform enables companies and organizations to run individual and ongoing surveys on virtually any topic, to a variety of target audiences, using text, voice and web-based communications. For example, GeoPoll was recently used by the United Nations to complete its MY World global survey, bringing in 13 percent of total responses in weeks. It is also being used by the World Food Programme on an ongoing basis to assess nutrition access in specific regions within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). GeoPoll is a flexible and iterative platform that engages mobile users in real-time at an extremely granular level, enabling customers to make quick follow-up and adjustments to facts on the ground.

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GeoPoll is the world's largest real-time mobile survey platform, reaching a growing network of more than 50 million users in 20 countries worldwide on a deeply granular level and at unprecedented scale. Through partnerships with telecom providers and a multimodal platform powered by text, voice and web-based communications, GeoPoll enables companies and organizations to gather quick, accurate and in-depth insights on anything from preferences on consumer goods to election transparency and access to basic government services. GeoPoll is powered by Mobile Accord, the creators of the mGive mobile donation platform and experts in powering mobile insights across the globe.

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