SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Streamnation, the world's first media-focused cloud storage solution that allows users to store, stream and share photos and videos privately and securely, today announced the addition of two new content types: movies and TV shows. With the addition, Streamnation will now give friends and families a way to lend and borrow their favorite movies and TV shows, to watch on any device, at any time, connected or offline on Streamnation.

"We used to have libraries in our homes to store our photo albums, our movies, music and book collections, and could lend them out to friends or family any time," said Jonathan Benassaya, Founder of Streamnation. "But maintaining this freedom with our content today is nearly impossible, now that everyone has gone digital. We built Streamnation keeping that original home library in mind."

Recreating The Physical World Digitally
Streamnation has built its new platform to digitally replicate the way people lend and borrow their media in the physical world. Users can upload their own movies and TV shows to their private cloud on Streamnation, which then acts as a media hub where they can stream their content collection on any device, anywhere, at anytime. Users can also share their media content easily with friends and family members from the cloud to stream on their respective devices. The shared content can only be borrowed by one friend or family member at a time, for a 24-hour period, and is available in a streaming mode only.

"With the addition of movies and TV shows, we're moving closer to helping folks recreate their entire home library online," said Jonathan. "We believe letting users engage their friends and family circle through Streamnation will recreate the same freedoms in the digital world that they have in the physical world, in a more convenient way."

How To Get Started On Streamnation
Streamnation offers users a free account with 2GB of storage upon signup, which can increase up to 10GB by referring friends. Premium accounts range from $4/month for 100GB to $20/month for unlimited storage -- the best value of any cloud storage solution available. Users can upload their content using the Streamnation app from their iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, other cloud platform or directly from a URL.

All content is stored and backed up on Streamnation's own private cloud and on Amazon cloud storage to ensure complete safekeeping and constant availability. All files can be retrieved and downloaded at any time, in their original format.

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About Streamnation
Streamnation is a cloud storage solution for media that allows users to securely store, stream, and share their content. It is the first cloud service that is able to handle the majority of video codecs and photo formats and transcode them for a perfect viewing experience in any situation. Founded in 2013 by Jonathan Benassaya, it is incubated and funded by Milestone Project Inc., and has offices in Luxembourg and San Francisco. For more information visit

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