MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 6, 2013) - Instart Logic, creators of the world's first Web Application Streaming Network™, released today a new vertical product line focused on the fast-growing market of Software-as-a-Service providers that wish to deliver premium, zero-wait web experiences to their customers on any device and over any type of network. The SaaS market is one of the fastest growing segments of IT spending. Gartner expects the global value of SaaS spending to hit $45 billion in 2017, up from $15 billion in 2012. Initial customers using Instart Logic's new service include rapidly growing SaaS providers such as New Relic, VersionOne, IFTTT and RelateIQ. 

To help capture that growth, web-based SaaS providers are increasingly turning to Instart Logic as a differentiated solution to help them accelerate premium "native-like" application experiences for their browser-based applications -- even over unpredictable mobile and wireless networks. For SaaS providers, Instart Logic offers unique capabilities including Dynamic HTML Streaming and the novel Global Network Accelerator, both patent-pending web performance technologies in the company's growing intellectual property portfolio. 

"We deliver an application performance tool as a service so we needed to make sure that our own web-based application performed at the highest levels of performance for our tens of thousands of customers from Australia to Austin, Texas," explains David Peterson, VP of Site Operations at New Relic. "We selected Instart Logic because of their innovative approach, their company wide focus on performance and the great support we've received."

"We provide an entirely web-based system to over 50,000 agile development teams worldwide building mission critical code with our agile project management software. Our customers are largely developers. They are extremely intolerant of poor application performance. So we need to make sure that our own application performs at the highest level no matter where our customers are," explains Ian Culling, CTO of VersionOne. "Instart Logic's innovative services give VersionOne users fast, fresh updates from constantly-changing projects and improved our performance by 50% -- something CDNs could never do."

Today, legacy web performance solutions and application delivery solutions cannot help SaaS providers. CDNs cannot effectively serve highly dynamic web applications or deliver the level of personalization and data freshness required by SaaS customers. In the past, WAN optimization controllers could provide some point-to-point relief for internally hosted applications, but their efficacy has expired now that the application backends are moving to the cloud and users continue to become more mobile and less office-bound.

For the exploding SaaS marketplace, Instart Logic has built a differentiated solution with unique features not available in any other web performance technology. Instart Logic's performance advantage is based on two new and improved technology offerings.

  • Global Network Accelerator (GNA) uses a new purpose-built binary middle-mile protocol for intra-proxy transmissions. This new protocol, called IPTP (Inter Proxy Transfer Protocol), sets up a persistent matrix of connections between Instart Logic's global serving locations, and then efficiently frames and multiplexes dynamic transfers through it to erase network bottlenecks caused by distance and congestion. IPTP has been built using Google's protobuf technology. Google, which uses protobuf extensively for implementing its own internal communication protocols, has open-sourced the technology.

  • Dynamic HTML Streaming is a new application-intelligent technology that distinguishes between unique and non-unique dynamic HTML. This solution automatically sends non-personalized portions of the application from the closest server so the user can start being productive with the web application much sooner. In this latest iteration the system has been expanded to leverage Instart Logic's transparent client-side virtualization layer, the NanoVisor™, to allow use with even completely personalized HTML code.

Taken together, the Global Network Accelerator and Dynamic HTML Streaming combine to provide a substantial boost in performance for dynamic web-based SaaS applications. "SaaS is rapidly disrupting the legacy software market but SaaS users expect their applications to perform as fast as the native applications they are replacing," explains Manav Mital, CEO and co-founder of Instart Logic. "We are responding to strong demand from SaaS providers with a genuinely disruptive solution that gives them a new class of web application acceleration tools. With these technologies, SaaS vendors are better able to give their end customers exceptionally high performance and data freshness on any device and any type of network."

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Instart Logic provides the world's first Web Application Streaming Network™. It is the only web performance solution with built-in intelligence that understands a web application and how the browser consumes it. Intelligent streaming allows users to interact almost immediately with a web page or application with only a partial download. This is especially useful for improving user experiences over wireless network connections. Instart Logic empowers web publishers to deliver current and next-generation rich web applications that dramatically boost user engagement, increase customer loyalty and drive new revenue streams. Instart Logic is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, Tenaya Capital, and several notable Silicon Valley angel investors.

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