MISSION, KS--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2013) - (Family Features) With all the twists and turns life can throw at you, having fast and easy access to money is a necessity for everyone. With this in mind, many employers are turning to the more efficient payroll option of electronic pay. With electronic wage disbursement methods, such as direct deposit and payroll cards, not only do employees benefit, but companies large and small also see increased efficiencies and significant savings.

Benefits for employees
From avoiding the hassle of cashing paychecks to easier budgeting, employees electing electronic pay reap immediate rewards. For the same reasons some employees choose to receive their wages by direct deposit, many employees choose to be paid by payroll card, a reloadable prepaid card offered by an employer for its employees to receive their wages electronically. Like direct deposit, payroll cards are a form of electronic payment that serve as an alternative to paper paychecks. Each payday, employees' net wages are deposited directly into the payroll card account. Employees then use the card anywhere a debit card is accepted to buy things, get cash and pay bills. Employees benefit in the following ways:

  • No bank, no problem: For employees who do not have a bank account, the benefits of payroll cards are significant. Employees have the ability to use it like a debit card for in-store or online purchases.

  • Helpful when budgeting: Employees always have access to their transaction history so they can see when and where they made purchases or got cash. Visibility into how they are spending their money is helpful when trying to follow a budget.

  • Added security: Instead of carrying around large sums of cash, employees now have a safer way to pay.

  • Peace of mind: Unlike cash, if the card is lost or stolen, the employee will receive a new card with the funds intact because the major card brands provide multiple layers of security.

  • Easy access: Employees can use their payroll cards to shop and pay bills online, by phone or in stores where debit cards are accepted. They also have many ways to access cash off the card including at ATMs or cash-back with purchase at select merchants. Some providers may charge a fee for this service.

Payroll card benefits for companies
From significant savings to increased efficiencies during each payroll, employers who offer payroll cards enhance their work environment in the following ways:

  • Reduce Payroll Costs: Companies who eliminate check printing and processing save money. Not only does it cut down on man hours involved for payroll duties such as check reconciliation, it reduces additional hassles, such as postage and printing, while helping employers avoid charges for reissued lost or stolen checks.

  • Reliable delivery of wages on pay day: Payroll cards allow employers to reliably deliver wages to employees on pay day, even when the employee is away from the workplace, during severe weather conditions and other situations that preclude delivery of paychecks by mail or overnight delivery services.

  • Easy option for special circumstances: This method is a quick, seamless payment option for temporary, part-time and seasonal employees.

With these efficient options for payroll, employees and employers alike save on the two valuable resources everyone wishes they had more of -- time and money.

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