WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2013) - Attorney Gary J. Silversmith has a tremendous track record of servicing his community. Most widely known for his work preserving historic landmarks and revitalizing ecologically damaged areas, Silversmith is also a staunch defender of his fellow citizens. Recently, Silversmith proved his commitment to the residents of Washington D.C. by announcing that his law firm, the Law Offices of Gary J. Silversmith, now provides consultation services on any and all personal injury cases.

Throughout his decade's long career as a nationally recognized attorney, Gary J. Silversmith has represented a myriad of clients. Thanks to his representation, Silversmith's clients have been able to recoup the losses incurred by hospital bills, lost wages and disabilities. His uncanny past performance record of helping injury victims get their lives back on track causes him to standout among attorneys practicing out of our nation's capital.

Whereas many other attorneys are only willing to take on easy, cut-and-dry personal injury cases, Silversmith listens to any and all potential cases -- a true testament of his outstanding character. Driven by an overwhelming compassion for humanity, and combined with his vast experience and intimate knowledge of the law, Silversmith is able to construct well-crafted cases for his clients, often times resulting in the receipt of large settlements.

Silversmith's law practice is divided into two major areas: debt collection and plaintiff's tort litigation, both of which are areas of law dedicated to getting deserving individuals the funds that are rightfully owed. In addition to his work as an attorney, Silversmith is an accomplished entrepreneur and real-estate investor. A true American, Silversmith is also a believer in preserving national artifacts, evident by his recent restoration of the USS Sequoia.

Ever since Gary J. Silversmith was awarded his Eagle Scout ranking from the Boy Scouts of America, he has felt an intimate connection to his country and fellow man. Since then, he has devoted the majority of his professional career to helping others. And now, anyone wrongfully injured will be welcomed by one of Washington D.C.'s most caring attorneys -- one Gary J. Silversmith.

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