MEDFORD, NJ and LISBON, PORTUGAL--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2013) - Watchful Software, a leading provider of data-centric information security solutions, announced today the release of Version 5.2 of its flagship RightsWATCH information protection solution, now generally available. 

"Today's most precious commodity is data, and information breaches resulting from sensitive data being disclosed are constantly in the headlines. Existing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) offerings have failed to deliver a comprehensive solution because unstructured data, while easy to work with, is far too easily lost, leaked or stolen. RightsWATCH 5.2 tackles security breaches, perpetrated by malice or neglect, by combining Data Classification, Information Rights Management and Data Loss Protection in a single data-centric security software solution," explains Rui Biscaia, Director of Product Management for Watchful Software.

The newest version of RightsWATCH extends its dynamic content and context aware policy engine to include a wider variety of productivity applications. With Release 5.2 RightsWATCH policy rules can now be automatically triggered on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and by content strings, regular expressions, information patterns or even metadata. This extended capability makes identifying and protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or business sensitive information an automated process at the point of information creation, instead of a user option or an after-the-fact scanning task. 

RightsWATCH 5.2 also adds an Overall Protector so users can protect and consume virtually any file format from any application, and have it adhere to the defined classification policies. "Leveraging the Microsoft Rights Management Sharing App (RMSApp), RightsWATCH 5.2 allows a user to classify and protect a file -- or multiple files or even all files within a selected folder -- and to use these protected file(s) via a built-in viewer for commonly used text and image file types," explains Biscaia.

To comply with regulatory, compliance, and audit requirements, RightsWATCH 5.2 extends and enhances the comprehensive user and information forensic audit trail capability on who has done what, when and how with any classified data. This information is immediately available through wide-ranging user and file usage traceability via a set of compelling auditing dashboards.

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Watchful Software provides advanced persistent security solutions that keep sensitive information safe from security breaches resulting from accidental or malicious disclosure. Watchful was formed to protect an organization's most critical asset after its people - its information. The company addresses the growing need for protecting sensitive and proprietary information against accidental or malicious theft, leakage, or loss. Leveraging key technologies including advanced encryption algorithms, digital rights management, and e-Biometrics, Watchful has developed a suite of solutions that ensure only authorized personnel have access to enterprise systems and information, protecting against potentially massive economic and competitive damage from cyber terrorists and information thieves.

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