IRVINE, CA, Nov. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tech startup Sqeeqee (pronounced "squeaky") is once again demonstrating to the world that its founder and CEO of North America, Jenny Ta, is every bit as forward-thinking as the company's software platform is innovative. Not only has Ta come to the visionary conclusion that the company would greatly benefit from hiring two more CEOs -- one for Asia and the other for Europe (a business strategy no average CEO would embrace) -- but the highly experienced executive officer, who has two successful Wall Street brokerage firms to her credit, has also succeeded in gaining approval from MTV for its first 30-second spot on national television. The commercial, slated to air mid-November on the Emmy-winning 24-hour college network, MTV University (MTVU), will kick off the startup's national campaign to introduce university students to the powerful Sqeeqee Social Networthing™ platform.

"A lot is happening at Sqeeqee right now," says Ta, "but that's just the way we like it! We're happy to say that everything is coming together nicely with all the pieces of the puzzle falling right into place."

Sqeeqee CEOs: Is One Enough? Are Three Too Many?

At Sqeeqee, the answer to both questions is decidedly "No." For a company with a global reach, Ta believes it simply makes good business sense to distribute the oversight of the company among several bright, talented, creative, and business-savvy individuals by dividing the company's territory into regions and placing a separate CEO in charge of each.

Says Ta, "It's intuitive, really, and should be a great way for the company to keep our finger on the pulse of what's happening in each region, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively to the area's needs, challenges, and opportunities."

Sqeeqee's International CEO Recruitment Call

Sqeeqee is seeking CEO candidates for the two regions that contribute the highest percentages of internet users in the world: Asia (45 percent) and Europe (22 percent).

Sqeeqee's CEO of Asia will oversee the company's operations in China, Korea, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines, to name but a few of the countries for which this regional chief executive will be responsible. Candidates should have past experience dealing with a majority of these countries in a business capacity and should speak multiple languages from among these major Asian nations.

Sqeeqee's CEO of Europe will oversee the company's operations in the countries distributed throughout the European Union and should likewise have relevant experience gained through past business dealings within the EU.

Candidates for either of the above International CEO positions may contact Sqeeqee directly using the information at the end of this news release.

Teaming Up with MTV University: The #1 College Brand

Ta is equally excited to be working with MTV's Emmy-Award-winning 24-hour college network, which will air the company's initial 30-second spot to its more than 14 million viewers, which include over 10 million students on 800-plus college campuses. The Sqeeqee team is looking forward to the opportunity to introduce students at universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, and others to the world-class features of the Sqeeqee Social Networthing™ platform. With free registration, the Sqeeqee software platform is available to students, businesspeople, and others across the globe to make their lives easier and more profitable.

The Next Step: Seeking Innovative Products to Benefit Sqeeqee Users

As if Sqeeqee weren't already doing enough, the proactive startup is also in the market for unique and helpful products that the company can make available to its users. Individuals or businesses that offer such products -- or believe their product might fit that description -- may contact Sqeeqee via the contact information presented below. Sqeeqee would love to forge mutually beneficial relationships with other innovative businesses and entrepreneurs to get these products into the hands of their users, still further enhancing their lives.

Ta needs no prompting to share her enthusiasm about the changes that are afoot at Sqeeqee: "We are extremely excited about our CEO recruitment and our upcoming MTVU national television campaign, as well as our plans to seek unique products that we can feature exclusively through our Sqeeqee software platform. Our goal at Sqeeqee is to be a true one-stop shop for all our users' social media, business, research, gaming, and e-commerce needs, and we are continuously on the lookout for brand new ways to meet that goal."

About Sqeeqee: The World's Most Powerful Social Commerce Platform, which is free to join, is a social commerce platform designed to enable its members (individuals, students, celebrities, non-profits, established businesses, and startups) to begin moving toward their goals by providing the ability to monetize their social presence, while also establishing long-lasting connections that can assist them in reaching their networthing™ goals.

The Sqeeqee website is now available in eleven languages, including English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, and Spanish. Sqeeqee provides weekly giveaways for new registered users and offers access to financially rewarding experiences. Seven unique monetization features are included in the Sqeeqee platform: an eCommerce marketplace, 50% profile ad share, 30% referral ad share, 70% mobile download profit share, 30% mobile ad profit share, 30% media ad share, and 70% game development profit share. In short, Sqeeqee makes it possible for users to monetize their social networking experiences every day. For more information about the Sqeeqee platform, readers may visit

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