MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2013) - A recent financial marketing industry brief reveals that a number of banks have been unpleasantly surprised by the unanticipated demand on their staff resources in order to successfully operate their digital signage networks.

The brief, available at www.JohnRyan.com, draws on a survey in which a fifth of the banks, which attempted to deploy digital signage, stated that they were challenged by the unanticipated demand on staff time and resources needed to manage their networks.

The survey, conducted by marketing agency JohnRyan, also reveals that banks have faced additional problems around workflow processes, with more than 15% reporting problems with the approval process for new content, and the same percentage expecting the demand on staffing resources to increase as more branches are rolled out. The combined factors of inefficient approval processes and unanticipated demand on employee resources often leave banks unable to capitalize on their digital signage programs.

JohnRyan advises that banks can overcome these hurdles with the right tools and techniques.

"Large and complex digital signage networks need not necessitate an undue strain on staff resources," explains Tom Pritzker, EVP Client Relationship Management at JohnRyan. "The key is to ensure that the chosen solution can be configured to seamlessly fit around the unique workflow requirements of individual banks, and provide the tools to simplify and automate the approval and management of content."

The brief cites the example of a 500-branch bank that manages more than 1 million possible programming options across three distinct in-branch programming channels demanding less than one full-time employee's responsibilities. The bank achieves this by using collaborative online workflow tools to widen the circle of content contributors; through the use of news feeds and other syndicated content; and by ensuring the Content Management System can automate daily tasks.

This example suggests that the selection of a digital signage solution, built specifically with bank workflow considerations in mind, is critical to a bank's ability to manage daily content efficiently, without draining staff resources.

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