MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 13, 2013) - bankaroo, a free kids' financial service, is pleased to announce that they have a new agreement with OLPC. Together the two companies are bringing financial education to more people. The bankaroo application is being preloaded on all new XO tablet devices.

bankaroo was started in 2011 as a family project and was thought up by an 11-year-old girl named Danielle Gafni. Danielle had a desire to help other children learn about money through the internet. Danielle helped with the platform design, testing, and marketing. Her father Etay lead the technical aspects while her mother managed everything else. bankaroo originated from BrightAct, started and spearheaded by Danielle's father Etay.

bankaroo has members in more than 75 countries around the world. The system now supports multiple virtual currencies helping responsibly manage 300 Million USD, 100K Euro, 500K GBP and vast amounts of Stars, Hearts & Hugs. bankaroo has been translated into many languages including, English, Hebrew, Romanian, Dutch, Spanish and French. More Languages will soon be available including, Mandarin, German, Italian, Bulgarian, and many more. It is the hope of bankaroo to reach a much larger audience with their services.

The kids' virtual bank service offered by bankaroo is available in multiple platforms. This includes the web as well as a mobile App on iOS systems, Android and Kindle devices. The mobile App allows access to bankaroo services from absolutely anywhere. This allows families to keep up with their financial education on the go.

bankaroo has a blog available on their website. The blog consists of tips and advice about financial and related topics such as donating to charity, assisting with chores, the use of technology, and much more. The advice offered is a great learning tool for the parents as well as the kids. There is also an onboard forum where readers can voice any suggestions, questions, or comments and actively engage with others.

The services provided by bankaroo are designed to get the whole family involved. Parents also like that the system and tools are completely free to use. Users like Sergio are very pleased by their experiences with bankaroo. Sergio stated, "First let me say that I love your app. Great idea. I tried to open bank accounts for my kids but it's nowhere near your app experience." Another user, Kim, said, "I really like the fact that I could invite my parents to join bankaroo. Now the kids can plan their goals and purchases with the whole family."

Anyone who wants to get started with the bankaroo program can simply visit the website or download the App for iOS, Kindle, or Android. Remember, there is no charge to use the system or tools.

For more information, contact Etay Gafni at [6509242558] or email You can also visit the website . Find bankaroo on the social network Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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