LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Nov 13, 2013) - Mainframe2, an innovator in cloud computing, announced its support of new NVIDIA® GRID™based cloud instances at Amazon Web Services' annual re:Invent conference. The new instance types, launched by AWS on EC2 last week, enable Mainframe2 to scale its customers' deployments to any size. The Mainframe2 technology has been optimized specifically for the new G2 instance type which features the powerful NVIDIA GRID GPUs. The combination of AWS, NVIDIA, and Mainframe2 technologies enables any browser-capable device to run even high-end 2D and 3D design software from the cloud, on demand.

"Mainframe2's deep history and experience with NVIDIA technology has enabled them to deliver a truly stunning cloud capability," said Jeff Brown, vice president and general manager of the Professional Visualization business at NVIDIA. "We are thrilled that NVIDIA GRID technology is the key enabler of this new approach to bringing professional graphics software to the cloud."

Since emerging from stealth mode last month at DEMO Fall 2013, Mainframe2 has seen an overwhelming level of interest and signups from thousands of customers worldwide. ISVs, enterprises, and individuals are participating in the company's early access program, and the recent availability of the new G2 instance type from AWS is enabling expansion of the program in scale and geography. Unlike other remoting technologies, Mainframe2 takes just minutes to transform existing Windows software into cloud-delivered applications. And endpoints ranging from PCs and Macs to Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones can access any application with just an HTML5 capable browser -- no plugins required. 

"Early interest in our platform from a wide variety of customers has been tremendous," said Dr. Nikola Bozinovic, CEO and founder of Mainframe2. "Existing technologies simply do not meet these customers' needs for ease-of-use and performance -- and we're thrilled to be working with AWS and NVIDIA to deliver a solution that actually exceeds expectations."

For most of the software developed over the last 30 years, the transition to a cloud-hosted, pay-as-you-go model has proven to be incredibly difficult. Re-writing mature client software, such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks, for the Web has proven to be far too complex, time consuming, and expensive. The lack of a good solution has prevented many vendors and their end-users from joining the new cloud computing age. 

Mainframe2 gives end-users a whole new degree of flexibility by leveraging on-demand cloud delivery of traditional applications. This powerful capability is possible today as a result of combining Mainframe2's unique technology with several key industry advancements in HTML5 browser capability, GPU architecture, and cloud services. As a result, Mainframe2 will help accelerate mainstream adoption of cloud computing and at the same time enable a whole new range of users to unleash their creativity, design new products, and solve some of the world's most challenging problems.

Mainframe2 is rolling out its new disruptive solutions to ISVs and end-users throughout Q4, 2013 with ground-breaking on-demand pricing. For more information, demos, and updates on how to get started with MAINFRAME2 visit

About Mainframe2
A key innovator in cloud computing and browser-based application distribution, Mainframe2 has emerged from several years in stealth mode with a unique solution backed by a team of experts in cloud infrastructure, graphics acceleration, virtualization, networking and Web protocols. The company's innovative technology enables any software package to be delivered via the cloud to a browser on any device. Incredible ease of use, coupled with unmatched performance, enables Mainframe2 to bridge the sizable gap between legacy software and modern Web applications. This disruptive capability further enables and accelerates the IT industry's monumental shift to cloud computing. Privately held and headquartered in Menlo Park, Mainframe2 is led by graphics industry veteran and founder Dr. Nikola Bozinovic. For more information, visit

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