IRVINE, CA, Nov. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Launched in 2004 among Ivy League colleges, Facebook is coming up on its 10th birthday.  Through its infancy, the social network toddled around university campuses allowing young adults the opportunity to connect online over a platform where they all could meet together.   Before the site knew it other countries' colleges wanted in and moms and dads did too.  Then Facebook must have enjoyed that moment of epiphany when it realized, "hey, everybody wants their own Facebook" and so it adapted its platform to absorb the pictures and profiles of the masses.  After a while it noticed that businesses wanted in too, so it made some room and invited them to come along.

This may be a slightly simplistic look at Facebook's rise to become the big name in social media.  Suffice it to say that just about everybody has shown up to the FB party.  Yet now that they are all there squished between the formidable walls of the network's platform, many can't help wondering, "Well, now what?"

From Socializing to Networking

Like eBay, Facebook has grown from a grass roots, mom and pop endeavor to a sophisticated platform where businesses are clamoring.  While eBay has been nudging out its grass-roots sellers to make room for serious business enterprise and revamping accordingly, Facebook has welcomed businesses, both large and small, to its network but partitioned them off.  If Facebook is, indeed, a party, its business guests are at one side of the house and everyone else is on the other.  While the social network struggles to gets its mobile app to work effectively and please everyone with a buffet of privacy settings that still seem oddly unsatisfying, some other networks have been planning parties of their own--building networks that connect people differently and connect them all more effectively.

Sqeeqee's campaign on IndieGoGo:

From Networking to Networthing is a new social network that promises an effective networking platform for all--individual users and businesses alike.  In fact, their premise is so innovative that their network can better be described as "networth."  Their view of social has evolved to quickly encompass its best points and to relinquish its worst.  They have developed a system where separate accounts to socialize and conduct business are a thing of the past; they've eliminated the clunky barriers that prevent one account from accessing it all--business transacting, marketing, socializing, searching, and even gaming.  Their world view of the social platform has been to merge rather than partition while providing the most optimum tools that allow people to make the most of that single account.  Now that young executive can wish his grandma a happy birthday and market his merchandise across the country all from the same account.

Sqeeqee's National Television Commercial including MTV:

What's Next for FB?

As FB struggles to make its mobile site as user-friendly as its desktop version, other networks like Sqeeqee will be creating more efficient ways for people and businesses to experience the best of what social media can offer.  In the past several years Facebook has worked to address its business paradigm--to attract and encourage businesses to sign on and set up a profile.  They've even made some considerable income by selling those businesses ad space.  Yet what they haven't been able to do is give those businesses a more streamlined platform or the savvy tools they need to capitalize on what social can offer.  They haven't reduced those partitions that prevent all users from accessing those networking tools at once.

Howard Stern talks about on Sirius XM Radio:

The Party's Over Here Now

Few expect that by the time it hits its twentieth birthday Facebook will be alone at the party--though in the rise and fall of big business, who could know.  When Caesar ruled, no one expected Rome to fall either.  However, it's likely that social networkers will gravitate toward platforms that do it better, that allow them to do it all in a streamlined fashioned that diminishes limitations and enhances the way they use social.  Sqeeqee offers these promising features and is poised to attract people who want to market to niche audiences as well as sell directly from one convenient platform.  While no one's saying you shouldn't hang out on Facebook over the course of the next decade, if the experience is better for you and your business on sites like Sqeeqee, you simply might not want to. $3500 Cash Prizes Video Contest:

About Sqeeqee: The World's Most Powerful Social Commerce Platform, which is free to join, is a social commerce platform designed to enable its members (individuals, students, celebrities, non-profits, established businesses, and startups) to begin moving toward their goals by providing the ability to monetize their social presence, while also establishing long-lasting connections that can assist them in reaching their networthing™ goals.

The Sqeeqee website is now available in eleven languages, including English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, and Spanish. Sqeeqee provides weekly giveaways for new registered users and offers access to financially rewarding experiences. Seven unique monetization features are included in the Sqeeqee platform: an eCommerce marketplace, 50% profile ad share, 30% referral ad share, 70% mobile download profit share, 30% mobile ad profit share, 30% media ad share, and 70% game development profit share. In short, Sqeeqee makes it possible for users to monetize their social networking experiences every day. For more information about the Sqeeqee platform, readers may visit

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