WHITE PLAINS, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) - Dr. Bruce Pinker, an experienced foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist of Westchester County, has launched the Dr. D-LuCS line of footwear. Created by highly revolutionary technology with style in mind, the Dr. D-LuCS brand allows you the luxurious, but comfortable experience of wearing your favorite shoes.

"In reality, we're not born with bad feet. Rather, I've learned that problems with foot health are the result of years of ill-fitting shoes," says Dr. Bruce Pinker, DPM, founder and CEO of Dr. D-LuCS and Progressive Foot Care. "Using the innovative technology of Computerized Scientific Gait Investigation (CSGI), I have created the Dr. D-LuCS brand to craft the perfect combination of both fashion and function. I want people to see that the luxury of the shoe is in its comfort."

Dr. Pinker's revolutionary solution for the perfect footwear is a response to years of experience with patients' health problems related directly to shoes, particularly in women. On average, Dr. Pinker sees thousands of women each year that have foot issues as the result of high heels and other shoe design that do not fit properly. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), between 2005 and 2012, women's visits to the doctor for foot and toe complaints increased by a tremendous 75 percent.

The process of constructing Dr. D-LuCS customized footwear begins with the CSGI technology, used only by a select group of podiatrists in the country, that allows for a highly detailed examination of the specific foot pressures one endures. By examining factors such as heel strike, cadence and general foot pressures, the analysis is able to pinpoint the deficiencies in the way a patient walks. By incorporating the analysis into a completely custom-made orthotic, Dr. Pinker is able to create a shoe that meets every need of its individual wearer.

"Your favorite footwear -- even if it appears to fit right -- may be causing harm to your body in surprising ways you may be unaware of. In today's culture, women are willing to go to daring lengths in order to keep up with the latest trends. What I want women to recognize is that fashion need not come at the price of their health and physical wellbeing," explains Dr. Pinker.

Unlike most traditional orthotics, the Dr. D-LuCS brand infuses an equal amount of fashion into the shoe as it does function. As part of the customized process, women are given the opportunity to create their vision of the perfect shoe. The technological and medical processes behind the brand make the shoe exclusive to the wearer, but just as importantly, the beauty of the shoe is also in its completely individual design.

To view the exceptional style and design process, visit: www.drd-lucs.com.

About Dr. D-LuCS:
Dr. D-LuCS is the most revolutionary and elegant line of bespoke luxury footwear. The Dr. D-LuCS brand represents the perfect fusion of fashion and function; they allow you to feel comfortable, without taking away the essence of style. Created with the revolutionary technology of Computerized Gate Investigation, which pinpoints the nuances of each patient's foot and ankle, Dr. D-LuCS shoes are constructed with the proper orthotic device to fit inside this ultimate custom made shoe. Unlike the standard orthotic, Dr. Pinker's brand of footwear is made not only to adhere to the distinctive needs of each patient's foot, but also to produce a completely unique and beautiful design.

About Dr. Bruce Pinker:
Dr. Bruce Pinker is an experienced & Ankle Surgeon and Podiatrist, educated at the esteemed New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) in New York City. He specializes in laser treatment of nail fungus, shockwave (ESWT) treatments for heel pain and custom-made orthotics. Dr. Pinker takes a highly unique approach to feet and footwear, and as a highly experienced surgeon, he has corrected several foot problems and deformities.

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