COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) -  With the latest release of its integrated project portfolio (PPM) and service management (ITSM) suite, TeamDynamix further solidifies its higher education leadership position and its commitment to the industry. The company today introduced version 8.5 of TeamDynamix, which focuses squarely on providing enhanced solutions to improve the service and project organizations' ability to engage customers, smooth delivery and improve outcomes. Significant enhancements were made to the service catalog to increase student engagement; to resource management consoles to manage capacity across projects, change/ops and service-desk work; and to workflow to streamline and automate critical processes to get things done.

TeamDynamix is the only integrated PPM and service management solution developed specifically to meet the needs of colleges and university environments. Each TeamDynamix software release is influenced by the TeamDynamix Advisory Council, a self-governing committee comprised of TeamDynamix customers that promotes industry best practices in PPM and ITSM.

"We are constantly working to stay ahead of the curve, providing our customers with advanced features and benefits that will help them manage their ever-changing IT and service environments," said Andrew Graf, lead analysts for TeamDynamix. "The pace of evolution and variety of challenges facing higher education IT teams are significant. TeamDynamix empowers our customers with the confident decision-making, processes, workflows and resource management required to effectively manage change and tackle challenges."

Among the new features in TeamDynamix v8.5 are the following:

  • Improved service catalog and knowledge access: Services and service categories can now be marked public allowing open navigation while knowledge-based articles can be made available for public use. Dynamic article suggestions based on text-entry on ticket entry screens for client and technician forms will instantly feed Knowledge Base information to promote self-service.
  • Resource Manager: Single robust console provides managers with greater visibility and control over resource availability, scheduling and capacity management. This enables resource managers to easily and effectively manage capacity across project, change/operations and incident management work.
  • Enhanced ITSM Workflow: Enhanced workflow further streamlines work management, communication and automation.
  • Change Scheduling and Conflict Detect: Avoid inadvertent outages and bottlenecks by insuring that change work does not occur during peak usage times, guaranteed uptime windows or previously scheduled maintenance activities. TeamDynamix automatically detects and warns of scheduling conflicts, reducing issues and decreasing service desk stress and workload.
  • Enhanced cross PPM/ITSM Reporting: New report-building tools provide additional levels of information detail, and improved role-based security controls access to applications and information

Graf added, "Deploying an integrated PPM and ITSM solution is becoming increasingly more important for colleges and universities looking to gain holistic visibility into IT, reduce costs and training, and do more without increasing resource levels. We virtually eliminate the linking, copying, duplication or other issues that may come from using multiple systems while providing enterprise-grade tools that allow the entire IT team to work more effectively and productively."

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TeamDynamix is the leading provider of project, portfolio and service management solutions for the higher education industry. The award-winning TeamDynamix suite provides the work tools and environment necessary for successful service delivery, project and portfolio management and IT governance and resource management. TeamDynamix is currently used by leading colleges and universities in North America, including Brown University, Florida State University, Syracuse University, McGill University, Old Dominion University, Colorado State, Tufts and Texas A&M University. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio.

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