SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) - Joyent, Inc., the high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company, and the corporate steward of Node.js, today announced at Node Summit 2013 the offering of Node.js® Core Support that provides direct availability to severity one support for enterprise-grade Node.js applications. The new offering marks the expansion of Joyent's customer support tiers to give any organization priority access to Joyent's deep Node.js production expertise.

Node.js has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for writing server-side code, and is at the center of an evolving web development ecosystem. Today, Node.js has earned the respect of enterprise cloud developers and is increasingly relied upon by companies like Uber, DowJones, Yahoo, PayPal, and eBay for replacing their web front ends and building API servers. Today, Joyent has launched its new Node.js Core Support offering in response to overwhelming enterprise demand. With the new service, Joyent provides developers who are building production-grade Node.js applications access to Joyent's years of experience in running one of the largest Node.js based applications and systems in the world -- The Joyent® Public Cloud.

"Node.js has been a fundamental design choice for all of our products -- The Joyent Public Cloud and its related components, including the customer portal and our Joyent Manta Storage Service, as well as our Joyent SmartDataCenter Private Cloud software. We learned invaluable lessons while building these large distributed systems, and this new support offering reflects that expertise," said Bryan Cantrill, senior vice president of engineering at Joyent. "As corporate stewards of Node.js, it is our duty to encourage and support developers who are building business applications in Node.js. That is how you build a very successful, collective ecosystem around an open source project."

As one of the earliest and largest users of Node.js in production, Joyent has brought a number of tools to the open source community to assist in the growth of Node.js in mission-critical applications. By integrating Node.js with deep introspection tools for debugging and performance tuning, Joyent has enabled end users to easily correlate outside activity to what's going on inside a program. Although dynamic languages are traditionally challenging to debug, Joyent's Node.js tooling is excellent for both observing a running process, and performing post hoc analysis.

"ServiceSource has fully embraced the Node.js dynamic runtime as a core component for our Renew OnDemand™ cloud application for recurring revenue management," said Timothy Fleming, senior vice president of engineering at ServiceSource. "As the corporate stewards of Node.js and with their deep experience running Node.js systems at scale, Joyent is the perfect partner to support us."

Node.js Core Support is for any Node.js team who requires priority access to Joyent's expert engineers and support team for issues in Node.js Core. This new enterprise-grade stand-alone Node.js support offering is in addition to Joyent's current full stack Node.js Support that provides Joyent Public and Private cloud customers technical support for the running and operationalization of an entire Node.js application and technology stack. A complete collection of documented development and production practices for using Node.js is available at the Joyent Dev Center.

Available January 2014, Joyent's new Node.js Core Support offering is priced at $990 per month and includes Business Hours availability for severity one support, a Joyent Cloud subscription, 10GB of Joyent Manta Object Storage, and Node.js debugging and performance tooling. For more information visit Node.js Core Support.

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Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company. The Joyent Cloud is built from the ground up to meet the requirements of today's demanding real-time web and mobile applications. The Joyent Manta Storage Service is the first compute-on-storage system that eliminates data movement and enables inexpensive, lightning fast big data analysis in-place, transforming the economics and utility of object storage and real-time big data. Joyent is the steward of Node.js, the open source server-side JavaScript project that provides developers and enterprises with the most powerful runtime for developing data-intensive, real-time apps.

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