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Press Release                                          3 December 2013

                            API Group plc

                      ("API" or the "Group")

                          Interim Results

API Group plc (AIM: API), a leading manufacturer of specialist foils and
packaging materials, announces its interim results for the six months
ended 30 September 2013.

Financial Highlights

  * Dividend reinstated, reflecting confidence in Group's prospects

  * Revenues of GBP56.9m, compared to GBP58.8m for the first half of
    last year

  * Operating profits, before exceptional items, of GBP3.5m (2012:

  * Profit before tax and exceptional items of GBP2.9m (2012: GBP4.0 m)

  * Diluted earnings per share 3.8p (2012: 5.1p)

  * Improved results in the Foils businesses, despite disruption from
    major change projects. Cost reduction programme underway in
    Holographics to address trading losses. Satisfactory results at
    Laminates but behind last year's strong first half

  * Capital additions of GBP2.4m (2012: GBP3.0m) and net debt slightly
    higher at GBP5.6m (2012: GBP5.2m)

  * Significant progress in restructuring the UK foils operation,
    completing investment projects in Holographics and Foils Americas
    and bringing the new laminates supply contract up to full volumes

  * As previously indicated, the Board expects a stronger second half
    and some improvement in results for the year as a whole

  * Interim dividend of 0.7p per share, payable January 2014

Commenting on the results, API's Chief Executive, Andrew Turner
said: "Whilst results were, as expected, behind last year's strong first
half comparatives, a number of important projects were completed in the
period designed to strengthen the operating platform and enhance our
proposition to customers.

These improvements, plus the cost reduction programme in Holographics
and scheduled capacity additions for both Foils businesses, underpin
our confidence in the Group's prospects and the Board's decision to
recommence dividend payments after a break of more than ten years."

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materially from those projected herein and depend on a number of
factors, including factors in respect of which the Group has no

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Financial statements, including figures for prior year comparatives,
have been prepared on the basis of the revised IAS19 pension accounting
standard, further details of which are described in note 1(c).

Group revenues for the six months to September 2013 were GBP56.9m (2012:
GBP58.8m), down 3.1% on the first half of last year and 4.1% lower at
constant exchange rates. Lower sales in Laminates compared to a
particularly strong first half last were partly compensated by growth
in Foils Europe.

Gross margin declined by 0.8%, to 22.2%, due primarily to lower fixed
cost recovery, higher freight and utility costs and the impact of less
favourable exchange rates on Euro-denominated sales. These factors
were partly mitigated by improved sales mix. Selling, general and
administration costs were GBP0.2m higher, predominantly accounted for by
increased sales and marketing expenditure and the full year effect of
the new divisional management structure (separate management teams for
Foils Europe and Holographics).

Costs in the two Foils businesses were impacted by significant
operational change projects, specifically the restructuring of foils
finishing and distribution operations in the UK and the implementation
of a new ERP system in the US. Higher expenditure on overtime,
sub-contract manufacture and outbound freight was incurred to mitigate
the impact of any disruption on supplies to customers.

Pre-exceptional operating profits for the six month period came in at
GBP3.5m compared to GBP4.7m at the interim stage last year, with an
approximately equal impact on profits from lower sales and higher
costs. In terms of segment split, profits at Laminates and
Holographics were lower by GBP0.8m and GBP0.6m respectively, Foils
Americas was ahead by GBP0.1m and Foils Europe advanced by GBP0.2m.
Central costs were unchanged.

Compared to the second half of last year, sales and pre-exceptional
operating profits were ahead by 6.1% and 10% respectively.

For the six months to 30 September 2013, exceptional charges of GBP0.3m
were incurred associated with the restructuring of UK Foils
operations. Exceptional costs last year amounted to GBP0.4m.

Net finance costs reduced by GBP0.1m to GBP0.6m as lower cash interest
costs, down from GBP0.5m to GBP0.3m, were partly offset by an increase
of GBP0.1m in non-cash interest charges relating to defined benefit
pension schemes, as per the new IAS19 accounting standard.

A small tax credit of GBP0.02m comprised a current tax charge of GBP0.2m
in the UK and certain European countries offset by additional
recognition of net tax losses, predominantly in the US.

Underlying earnings per share (diluted) of 3.8p compares to 5.1p at the
interim stage last year and 3.3p in last year's second half.



Laminates delivered another solid performance, although results were
down against strong comparatives from the first half last year.

Sales at GBP28.1m were 7.2% lower than last year and operating profits
were 19.8% lower at GBP3.3m, representing an operating margin of 11.6%.
The loss of volume on two key brands due to packaging specification
changes and a reduced allocation from a key UK customer in the drinks
sector was only partially compensated by the ramp-up of the major new
supply contract.

Compared to last year's second half, Laminates revenues were 13.2%
higher and profits 33.0% ahead.

The business cleared a significant milestone as volumes on the major
new supply contract reached target levels after an extended period of
product development and qualification. The higher level of core volume
will increase the resilience of Laminates' trading performance and
compensate for the anticipated near term impact on margins from
production inefficiencies and a less favourable sales mix.

Foils Europe

Foils Europe revenues increased by 9.0% over the first half last year
to GBP14.4m (6.3% ahead at constant FX rates) driven by solid growth in
key continental European territories of Italy, France and Germany.
Sales in Poland were ahead more than 200% after the establishment of a
new API-owned distribution channel in May 2012.

During the period, a reorganisation of the UK Foils business was
completed with the establishment of a new sales and distribution hub in
England, aimed at improving service levels to customers and increasing
penetration of the home market. This will enable the facility at
Livingston to focus on efficient manufacturing of high quality foils
for bulk supply to the distribution network. The changes resulted in
the loss of 25 jobs at Livingston and caused a degree of disruption to
operations with an estimated profit impact in the period of GBP0.25m.
Cost savings associated with the project are expected to be at least
GBP0.3m per annum.

Despite the disruption from the UK restructuring, higher sales led to a
27.4% year-on-year increase in operating profits to GBP0.9m; an
operating margin of 6.3%.

Compared to last year's second half, revenues were 4.0% higher (2.6% at
constant FX) but profits declined by 29.4% due the impact of the UK
re-organisation, higher costs and a one-off adjustment to customer

Foils Americas

Foils Americas revenues for the six months to 30 September 2013 were
down 3.1% at GBP11.9m; 5.3% lower at constant exchange rates.

The unit experienced some disruption from the implementation of a new
ERP system, which went live on April 1st 2013 followed by an intense
period of management focus on project delivery. Supply interruptions
in the first two months impacted sales to small accounts which the
business is working to recover now that the operations have been
re-stabilised. System benefits are already evident in terms of supply
chain management, control of inventory level and margin management.

Despite additional project-related expenses, overall operating costs
were lower by GBP0.3m due to a non-repeat of last year's accounting
charge relating to an increase in the level of inventory.

In spite of the internal challenges faced in the period, operating
profits increased slightly to GBP1.1m, representing an operating margin
of 8.8%.

Compared to last year's second half, revenues were 2.3% higher, with a
slightly better sales mix resulting in a 22.3% increase in operating


Holographics total revenues declined by 9.7% to GBP4.5m due to the loss
of a long-standing supply contract to in-house manufacture by the
customer and adverse timing of orders with another key account. Delays
affected the commencement of a number of new business developments,
although sales of decorative holographic products to sister API
companies recovered strongly from last year's second half.

Operating costs increased by GBP0.3m due to expenditure on the new
origination centre in the Czech Republic and higher sales and marketing
spend. As a result, the unit recorded an operating loss of GBP0.5m
compared to a marginal profit at the interim stage last year.

Compared with last year's second half, sales were down 3.3%, although
losses increased by GBP0.2m due primarily to a non-recurrence of
accounting credits associated with changes in inventory levels.

In view of the delays on new business developments, management
initiated a cost reduction program with the aim of returning the
business to a break-even position at the current level of sales by mid
way through the second half.

In the meantime, good progress has been made in executing the
previously-announced investment program designed to significantly
enhance the proposition to customers in the security and authentication
market. The Czech holographic origination centre is now up and
running, a number of key new pieces of equipment have been successfully
commissioned and the Salford production facility has been awarded high
level security accreditation by the recognised industry body. After
completing the short term cost reduction plan, management's priority is
to leverage the benefits of these investments to grow third party
revenues whilst at the same time maximising capacity fill by exploiting
available opportunities for additional intercompany sales of decorative
holographic products.


In line with comments made in the Final Results announcement released
on 5 June 2013, the Board is pleased to confirm the re-introduction of
dividend payments to shareholders. Dividends were last paid in 2001
and their re-instatement is recognition of the improved financial
health of the Group and the Board's confidence in its long term
prospects. A dividend of 0.7 pence per share will be paid on 9 January
2014 to shareholders on the register on 13 December 2013, with an
Ex-dividend date of 11 December 2013.


Net cash inflow from operating activities of GBP0.6m was below the GBP2.
7m for the same period last year as a result of lower operating profits
and an adverse movement in working capital. Period-end working capital
efficiency, measured by the ratio to sales, was 0.7% adverse, at
11.2%. This, combined with a higher exit rate of sales, meant that
total working capital increased by GBP1.6m when compared to one year

Capital expenditure included GBP0.8m of payments relating to projects
capitalised at the end of last financial year, the addition of GBP1.3m
of new assets and GBP0.3m of further investment in the holographic
origination joint venture. The total cash capital expenditure of GBP2.4m
compares to GBP3.0m for the same period last year. Key projects included
costs associated with the new ERP system and deposits paid on new
metallisers for the two Foils businesses.

Group net debt of GBP5.6m compares to GBP5.2m at the interim stage last
year and GBP2.4m at 31 March 2013. Levels of debt have remained under
good control, with gearing at the period end of 23% (2012: 21%) and a
ratio of net debt to trailing 12 month EBITDA of 1.2x (2012: 0.9x).

The Group's main borrowing requirements have recently been re-financed
and facilities agreed with HSBC for the period to December 2017. The
new GBP13.5m committed facility benefits from reduced interest margins,
lower security requirements and less demanding covenants compared with
the previous arrangements. The US business continues to be supported
by funding from Wells Fargo, extending to April 2015.


The IAS19 calculated gross deficit on UK and US defined-benefit pension
plans reduced slightly to GBP12.7m from GBP13.3m at 31 March 2013.
Favourable movement in bond yields and inflation assumptions affecting
liability valuation were mainly offset by lower investment returns
compared to scheme objectives, in line with the performance of global
equity markets. Associated deferred tax assets reduced by GBP0.4m,
mostly as a result of lower UK corporation tax rates, leaving a net
reported deficit of GBP10.1m compared to GBP10.3m at March 2013.

The UK plan is currently completing its triennial funding valuation as
of 30 September 2013, the conclusion of which is expected during the
middle of 2014.


The Board continues to be grateful for the support and efforts of the
API workforce. The value of the contributions made by employees to the
ongoing success and development of the Group is greatly appreciated.


In spite of a weaker first half, the Board still expects full year
results to show some progress over last year.

The Foils businesses are already benefiting from their respective
restructuring and ERP implementation projects completed in the first
half and both units are experiencing encouraging levels of customer

Continuation of the strong profit contribution from Laminates is
underpinned by healthier core volumes now that the major new supply
contract is fully on stream.

Holographics is well advanced with cost reduction measures aimed at
restoring the business to a breakeven position ahead of the final
quarter. Recovering lost ground in security and authentication markets
will take more time, but will be greatly assisted by the recent
investments in enhanced product capabilities and security credentials.

Overall, the business is in much better shape after the progress made
during the first six months of the year. Opportunities for further
improvements in operational effectiveness, as well as improving
economic conditions, provide confidence in the outlook for the Group in
2014/15 and beyond.

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