CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Dec. 3, 2013) - As part of phase 2 implementation of the Responsible Energy Development Act, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has launched the Private Surface Agreements Registry (PSAR).

Under PSAR, landowners and occupants can register surface agreements made with energy companies operating on their property. If a landowner feels that a company is not meeting a term or condition of a registered agreement, they can request that the AER intervene. If the AER determines that the company is not meeting the terms of the agreement, it can issue an order to comply.

"This is another great example of how the Alberta Energy Regulator is working with Albertans to help ensure responsible energy development in their communities. It also means that the regulator will be better equipped to address the interests of landowners, considering all parties involved in development," said Minister of Energy Ken Hughes.

Landowners can register surface agreements by visiting and filling out the appropriate forms. Instructional manuals and other information on the registry can also be found on the site.

"It's about accountability," said AER President and CEO Jim Ellis. "PSAR will help landowners feel secure that energy companies will honour the agreements they've made."

PSAR is one of many tools the AER offers to landowners who may have a disagreement with an energy operator on their land. Landowners may also file a general complaint with the AER, to which an AER field officer will respond. Landowners may also request alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which the AER uses to resolve disputes between the public and industry. The ADR process may include negotiation, AER-led mediation, or independent third-party mediation.

The Alberta Energy Regulator ensures the safe, efficient, orderly and environmentally responsible development of hydrocarbon resources over their entire life cycle. This includes allocating and conserving water resources, managing public lands, and protecting the environment while providing economic benefits for all Albertans.


The Alberta Energy Regulator launched its new Private Surface Agreements Registry on this week. The registry, known as PSAR, allows landowners and occupants to request that the AER intervene if they feel that an energy company is not meeting a term or condition of a private agreement.

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