AVON, OH--(Marketwired - Dec 5, 2013) -  It's no secret that winter weather has arrived in full force. While the cold weather brings the cheer of the holiday season, it also means something not so merry: high heating bills. As temperatures plummet, homeowners turn up the thermostat, leading to spikes in heating bills. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts significantly increased home heating costs this year for many homeowners*, with bills up to 13 percent higher for homes that use natural gas heating systems.

So, whether the forecast calls for piles of snow or freezing temperatures, taking action now to keep cold air out and warm air in is essential to both indoor comfort and controlling heating costs.

"The U.S. Department of Energy suggests homeowners spend over 50 percent of their utility bills on space heating and cooling, with heating accounting for the largest portion of money spent,**" said Vageesh Bakhshi, category manager for weatherization products at ShurTech Brands, LLC, the marketers of the Duck® brand line of home weatherization products. "With so much money spent, it's important to take measures to save energy and money. Something as simple as weatherizing can help block air leaks and drafts, helping to keep your residence warm and energy bills low this winter."

Weatherizing is a simple and affordable DIY project. This year, take a top-down approach to sealing gaps and leaks:

  • Start with the Attic: The attic is often overlooked as a source of energy loss. Attic access openings or pull-down stairs are usually not insulated and can be a big source of heat loss. The Attic Stairway Cover from Duck® brand is a flexible, lightweight solution to combat the cold sneaking in from the attic stairway opening. It is easy to install, repositionable for easy attic access, and can seal attic stairway openings up to 25.5" x 54" to help block drafts and save energy year-round.
  • Winterize Windows for Added Warmth: Windows are a prime spot for energy loss, especially around casements. Adding an insulating plastic film to windows can provide an added barrier between the winter chill and your home. Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Kits are developed with ease in mind. They come with a pre-taped edge for easy roll-on installation, require no measuring and fit snugly to window frames to provide an airtight seal. Plus, they are made with crystal clear shrink film for added visibility and remove easily once the warmer weather arrives.
  • Close the Gaps around Doors: Like windows, cracks and gaps around doors can let cold air in and warm air out. In the summer months, these trouble spots can also let in unwanted dust, insects and pollen. Seal the leaks around the perimeter of the door with Duck® brand Heavy-Duty Weatherstrip Seals. They come in a variety of thicknesses to help with different gap sizes.
  • And, Under Doors: Duck® brand Double Draft Seal is ideal for insulating the bottom of doors. Made with abrasion-resistant velour fabric, this seal features a patent-pending design that offers two layers of protection from drafts -- straps hold the seal in place while it "hugs" the bottom of the door from inside and outside.

    For added defense under the door, try a door bottom seal. The new Duck® brand Triple Draft Seal is an easy-to-install, slide-on door bottom that blocks both drafts and moisture -- with no damage to the door from nails. It offers three layers of draft protection: an inner seal helps retain room temperature, an outer seal blocks drafts, and bottom fins help keep out moisture and water.
  • Finally, Hit the Wall: Energy loss can also happen from behind-the-scenes sources, like electrical outlets and switch plates on exterior walls. Duck® brand Socket Sealers® insulating seals are easy to install and prevent drafts by serving as a buffer between outdoor air and your home's inside. This is also a quick and great add-on to painting projects since outlet covers and switch plates are already removed!

It's not too late to stay warm and save money this winter. By installing a few home weatherization products now, you can ensure a cozy and comfortable holiday season. For more information about Duck® brand home weatherization products, visit DuckBrand.com/HomeSmart.

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