ATLANTA, GA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Dec 5, 2013) -  PageUp People, a leading multinational talent management solutions provider, today announced that it has enhanced the interviewing process by integrating video interview functionality into its talent management platform. With this latest enhancement, the company enables organizations to more easily connect with talent at anytime and anywhere.

According to recent research on the role of video interviewing in the recruiting process, nearly 75% of recruiters surveyed said that the use of video interviews would make their jobs easier. In addition, video interviews have been shown to reduce the costs and time involved with the traditional, in-person interview and significantly improve time to hire, a key advantage in a competitive hiring environment.

As this technology enables companies to interview candidates whenever and wherever they are available, it enables organizations to connect with the growing number of job seekers using their mobile devices to search for job opportunities. Moreover, with video interviewing, recruiters can connect with university talent, international candidates and other individuals who may have difficulty coming in for an in-person interview.

"Organizations, especially those in the volume or bulk recruitment space, have longed for technology to help modernize and create efficiencies in their recruitment process. By adding video interviewing to our suite of talent sourcing tools, clients can now select the most appropriate methodologies for each role type at the click of their mouse," said Bryce Dunn, PageUp People's senior vice president of Global Product Management.

Organizations that utilize PageUp People's integrated video interviewing capabilities can:

  • Connect with candidates who might not have applied due to time restrictions or an inability to attend an on-site interview
  • Attract candidates who fit the company's cultural profile
  • Make positions open to an international audience that they hadn't considered previously
  • Achieve greater insight and control over the interviewing process much more closely, with information on who has reviewed and scored a candidate and when
  • Enable recruitment resources to concentrate on more strategic components of the recruitment process, due to time gained through reduction in number of phone screens to complete (especially as each phone screen can average three or more phone calls to connect)

PageUp People currently integrates with two video interviewing specialists to deliver this functionality. With an agnostic approach to third party vendors, PageUp People anticipates that its relationship with these vendors will extend to some of its more advanced offerings, and the company will likely add other vendors as the video interviewing market matures.

Dunn commented, "We also see the benefits of video interviewing techniques possibly being applied across other components of the Talent Management process, and not just limited to recruitment. We are currently exploring and testing how we can further extend our use of this technology and bring greater efficiencies to the entire talent lifecycle."

PageUp People clients can now take advantage of its integration with video interview providers to facilitate the recruiting process.

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