AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 5, 2013) -  Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP), a global investment subsidiary of Lloyd's Banking Group with offices in Edinburgh, London and New York City and more than £140 billion under management, has successfully implemented Troux's Enterprise Portfolio Management solution to help drive better information management and streamline the company's complex business environment.


  • By leveraging Troux's Accelerator methodology and EPM approach early on, SWIP was able to identify critical business questions that needed to be addressed in order to better align SWIP's 500 financial professionals across a number of business teams including front office, compliance and risk.
  • Within 12 weeks, SWIP was able to capture and store mission-critical information from six enterprise portfolios spanning business architecture, applications, goals and strategy, investments, technology and information.
  • Troux helped the company create the SWIP Transformation Architecture Repository (STAR), a common platform that manages all elements of the SWIP architecture. As a result, data and information are consistently available in real-time, across the company and the portfolios easily scale to meet business needs. In addition, when someone new joins the team, SWIP direct them to STAR in order to access everything they need to know about the company's business landscape: business capabilities and processes, systems, applications, servers.
  • Because the company leveraged Troux's tools to map SWIP's portfolio to upcoming projects with associated alignments to applications and business functions, they have more insight regarding future goals and strategy data by roadmap and software life cycle, which allows SWIP to quickly see which underlying technologies are changing or planned for phase-out.

Jon Gasparini, Former Head of Architecture, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership:  "Ten months ago it was difficult to communicate what we did or measure how well we were doing. Now we have initial metrics in place and are building more into the program on an on-going basis. We've raised the bar for EA at SWIP, from a technology-led, to a business-led, enterprise-wide practice," commented Gasparini. "As a team, we are now involved in every part of the business and in some cases we are the catalyst for bringing parts of the business together, this has never happened before."

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