MISSION, KS--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2013) - (Family Features) Weight loss tops the to-do list for many of us, especially at this time of year when thoughts turn to the holidays, resolutions, vacation and even the looming swimsuit season.

"Perhaps it's not so surprising that weight loss is the No. 1 New Year's resolution year after year," said Rene Ficek, registered dietitian and nutrition expert for Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating (SSHE). "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one-third of adults 20 years of age and older are overweight and another 35.7 percent are obese. And we know being overweight has far-reaching effects, often playing a role in the development of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and more."

"Good intentions, like a New Year's resolution, or setting a personal goal of losing 10 pounds in the next five months, are definitely a great start, but they need to be backed by a solid plan of how to accomplish them," Ficek continued.

The many challenges of healthy eating
Thoughts about losing weight and eating right collide as many people have misconceptions about good nutrition, believing healthy food isn't appetizing, too time consuming to prepare and that nutrition facts are just too difficult to manage. It's true that portion control, counting calories, fat and sodium, and ensuring an overall well-balanced meal can be overwhelming. That's why Seattle Sutton, a registered nurse, founded SSHE nearly 30 years ago -- to provide consumers with a convenient way to eat healthfully, lose weight and address other health issues with freshly prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals.

At SSHE the calories are counted, portions are controlled, meals are freshly prepared - not frozen or shelf stable -- and always include fresh fruits and vegetables. Fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol and other nutrition factors are taken into consideration in the 1200 and 2000 calorie regular meals, and the 1500 calorie vegetarian meal option. Imagine, the only reason to visit the supermarket is to purchase fat-free milk to accompany the meals. As for cooking skills, they are not required. Items that need to be heated can be done in the microwave, conventional oven or toaster.

Delicious, satisfying options
Those looking for a more healthful approach to eating will love the variety of foods the plan offers. For example, how does a meal of spinach Florentine-filled jumbo shells, topped with savory tomato-pesto sauce and cheese, with a baby spinach salad and a wheat breadstick sound for dinner tonight? Or, how about a breakfast of baked French toast with fruit and nut topping, and a fresh vegetable fajita with a side of black beans for lunch?

Meals can be ordered online or via a toll free call. They are available for delivery nationwide and in some areas of the country, can be picked up at convenient retail locations. To learn more, visit www.seattlesutton.com or call 1-800-442-3438.

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