MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2013) - A new industry brief reveals that a number of banks are struggling to achieve digital signage success due to limitations imposed by inadequate Content Management Systems (CMS).

The brief, prepared by global retail-marketing agency JohnRyan and available at JohnRyan.com, draws on the firm's survey on digital signage in retail banks in which nearly 40% of 110 digital signage users rated CMS limitations as a key challenge.

The brief outlines that the components of a successful digital signage system are heavily interrelated -- with decisions about one affecting all the others. This means that the choice of an ineffective CMS may limit available content distribution systems, the choice of in-branch player devices and even the types of content that can be supported.

JohnRyan advises that it's important for banks to fully understand the implications of selecting a potential CMS and to ask for a full demonstration of the system's capability to meet the bank's programming requirements.

"Choice of CMS is heavily linked to digital signage success," explains Tom Pritzker, EVP Client Relationship Management at JohnRyan. "The wrong selection can result in low frequency of message refresh, poor ability to localize messages, high requirements for staff resources and excessive bandwidth use. Ultimately, poor CMS selection can cause failure to leverage the benefits of digital signage that banks set out to achieve."

The brief also outlines some key features that banks should look for when selecting a CMS. These include: rules based scheduling based on individual branch characteristics; ease of targeting through meta-tags versus rigid pre-determined distribution groupings; ability to integrate with the banks LAN environment; ability to support the file types the bank wishes to use and future proofing for emerging technologies.

JohnRyan advocates that by carefully selecting a CMS with these features and by ensuring that the CMS does not impose limitations on other components that make up a digital signage system, banks can achieve the highly relevant and rapidly refreshed messaging that typifies successful networks.

JohnRyan is an award-winning, global retail-marketing agency specializing in total store messaging systems for retail banks. The company won Gold and Silver at the 2013 POPAI Awards in the "Innovation" and "New Media" categories for outstanding work in digital signage. With print, digital and integrated programs deployed in more than 50,000 branches worldwide, JohnRyan is the global leader in point-of-sale marketing services for the financial services sector. JohnRyan's Messaging Manager is the most widely installed digital signage platform in U.S., European and U.K. retail banks, supporting networks from 150 to 3,000 branches with a wide range of one-way and interactive retail communications programs. JohnRyan was formed in 1980 and currently has strategic office locations in Minneapolis, London and Madrid. For more information please visit www.JohnRyan.com.