SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 11, 2013) - Joyent, Inc., the high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company, today introduced the Joyent® Ecommerce Solutions set -- a combination of compute, networking, storage and analytics reference architectures designed to support and advance the rapidly evolving needs of all Ecommerce companies. Today's retail companies must not only continue delivering on the fundamentals, like page load times and transaction speeds, but also harness the power of personalized data for every customer. The new Joyent Ecommerce solutions and reference architectures are designed to meet the needs of companies on the forefront of this next wave of Ecommerce.

"Ecommerce is ubiquitous, but companies are only beginning to scratch the surface of the types of data-fueled customer experiences that will become the norm in the next few years," said Steve Tuck, SVP, Joyent. "The move towards personalized, location-aware mobile commerce, coupled with the rise of wearable technologies, signal unbelievable and untapped opportunities for retailers. But to succeed, they need to be prepared to store, compute and analyze enormous amounts of data in near real-time and inexpensively. Our purpose-built Ecommerce solution is a reliable, rapid scale cloud infrastructure specifically designed to meet the needs of today's eRetailers."

Joyent's Ecommerce solutions focus on the essential business and technical challenges in Ecommerce architecture:

  • Customer behavior analytics: The Joyent Manta Storage Service, a first-of-its-kind object store that brings real-time Map/Reduce and analytics directly to data, serves as the central repository for logs and contains a built-in compute facility to process them in near real-time, eliminating the need to move data back and forth across a network.
  • Image and video post-processing: The Joyent Manta Storage Service is a store of record for images and video and allows in-place post-processing like resize, crop, thumbnail and more. 
  • Web and mobile application availability and performance: The Joyent Cloud is built on advanced OS Virtualization Container technology with CPU bursting, bare metal I/O performance, multiple OS support, in-memory application caching and unique performance tooling for application level debugging on Node.js and Ruby on Rails. These capabilities enable industry-leading 99.999% cloud uptime and high-performance for all Ecommerce web and mobile apps.
  • Rising content delivery costs: Joyent provides a low-cost content delivery architecture that delivers better performance, control and 4-5x cost-savings than traditional content delivery networks.
  • 24/7 Support: An expanded set of support options including business and mission critical -- particularly important during the holiday retail season.

By bringing these capabilities, tools, and services together into one purpose-built offering, Joyent enhances business intelligence, operational transparency, overall Ecommerce site performance and availability, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to those key strategic activities that let you gain more success in your core business.

"Wanelo brings stores, products and people into a single social platform, and the community has experienced massive growth over the last year, particularly over the holidays. Our users spend an average of 50 minutes per day on Wanelo, saving and buying products and generating mission-critical data daily. All that requires an infrastructure provider that can scale as fast we do," said Konstantin Gredeskoul, CTO, Wanelo. "Joyent stays up and running with us, and the Manta big data platform gives us the ability to perform complex data analysis across hundreds of gigabytes of data in minutes vs. hours and days."

"Joyent understands the advanced infrastructure requirements of Ecommerce customers," said Bill Lapcevic, Vice President of Business Development, New Relic. "For years, Joyent and New Relic have partnered to deliver high-performance infrastructure and applications for thousands of Ecommerce customers. Joyent's Cloud IaaS and New Relic's APM solution provides retailers with everything they need to deliver a high quality user experience to their customers."

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About Joyent
Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company. The Joyent Cloud is built from the ground up to meet the requirements of today's demanding real-time web and mobile applications. Joyent provides multiple IT infrastructure capabilities including compute, networking, solution appliances, and the Joyent Manta Storage Service -- the first compute-on-storage service that eliminates data movement and enables inexpensive, lightning-fast big data analysis in-place, transforming the economics and utility of object storage and real-time big data.

Joyent is also the corporate steward of Node.js, the open source server-side JavaScript project that provides developers and enterprises with the most powerful runtime for developing data-intensive, real-time web and mobile applications.

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