AB Biosciences' Key Recombinant Control Antibody Patent Issued

Allston, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

ALLSTON, Mass., Dec. 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AB Biosciences, Inc. (ABB) recently received a patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. US Patent No. 8,530,629 discloses the invention of recombinant antibodies with reduced or eliminated antigen-binding activity using ABB's proprietary CDR-silencing technology. Using the invented antibody in various in vivo and in vitro assays allows researchers to unambiguously distinguish effects that result from specific antigen-antibody interactions from other non-specific antibody effects.

"Until now, choosing an antibody for the control arm has consistently been the "weakest link" in many otherwise perfect experiments for testing the effects of antigen-specific antibodies," said Dr. Hsiu-Ching Chang, inventor of the patent and COO of ABB. She continued, "The isotype-matched CDR-silenced antibody, also known as Z-MAB® antibody for zero-binding monoclonal antibody, revolutionizes our choice and use of control antibodies as an unbiased measure when studying the specific effects of an antibody of interest." Dr. Jeng-Shin Lee, CSO of ABB, concurs: "The novelty of this invention, recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, has already productively helped many researchers clarify results of their antibody experiments in a non-ambiguous fashion that was previously not possible. The use of Z-MAB® antibodies in oncological and immunological animal models has helped reveal the true effects of a number of drug candidate antibodies." ABB has additional pending patents that cover core technologies for effectively silencing an antibody of choice while retaining the overall 3D structure of its immunoglobulin folds.

About AB Biosciences, Inc.

AB Biosciences (ABB) is dedicated to the engineering and production of niche antibody molecules that enhance and accelerate biomedical research and antibody drug development. Their long-range goal is to develop novel antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. ABB's founders, with an in-depth understanding in drug-target identification, T and B cell immune-biology, viral-mediated gene transfer, and protein therapeutics, have put together a significantly improved model for the discovery and commercialization of antibody-based biologics, and streamlined processes for developing niche biologics for identified unmet needs.The company is actively engaged in studies on a sizable number of molecules for immunological and oncological indications.

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