SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 12, 2013) - PanTerra Networks (, the leading provider of Unified Cloud Services for mid-market enterprises, announced today the release of new administration tools that improve WorldSmart scale for mid-market enterprises. These new features significantly enhance security and reduce the need to implement and manage multiple security applications. The tools simplify management functions by adding the ability to define administrative roles and privileges and to configure centralized management, distributed management or a hybrid of both, thus allowing enterprises to custom-tailor their solution to their existing IT infrastructure. This ability to create a hierarchy of administrators is a powerful feature for larger enterprises, allowing some local administration of users as well as centralized control of higher-level administrative functions. The features simplify administration functions such as global group management and customizable billing.

"PanTerra's Admin 5.0 cut our administrative overhead considerably on our most recent multi-location customer migration off of legacy equipment," said Bill Sutherland, president and CEO of Sutherland Networks. "The marriage of secure unified administrative access for all WorldSmart services, and more specifically the improved group and mobile administration and intuitive import function, reduced many man-hours off the system cutover."

Built-in Security Features

  • Enhanced security features enable management and control of all access devices, including mobile devices, desktops and IP phones.
  • Built-in multi-phase authentication management tools and enhanced feature-management capabilities allow users to restrict features on a per-user basis.
  • Built-in security that authenticates all devices accessing the service significantly enhances security and eliminates the need for mid-market enterprises to purchase, implement and manage a separate security application or even multiple security applications. Few generic security applications cover all devices, including IP phones.

Centralized or Distributed Management

  • WorldSmart now supports single or multiple administrators, who can be restricted to administer a subset of users within the account.
  • Users can define multiple administrator roles and privilege levels to different administrators within an account.

Global Administration Operations

  • Advanced group-based billing allows for fully customized account billing, including multi-location billing, franchise billing, departmental billing and regional billing.
  • Centralized grouping management for all group features within an account, including ring, ACD, AA, email, fax and voicemail groups, lets administrators set up groups once and use them for all features within the service.
  • A powerful multi-select user interface optimized for larger enterprises allows administrators to perform a function or administrative operation on several users simultaneously, saving significant time.
  • Import/export account creation allows account creation and setup from a single Excel spreadsheet in seconds. Current account configurations can also be saved to a spreadsheet. Administration and management can be accomplished faster and with fewer resources, from any location in the world.

About PanTerra Networks
PanTerra Networks, Inc. is the premier service provider of unified cloud services serving mid-market enterprises. WorldSmart unified cloud solutions include unified communications, storage and mobility services delivered as a fully managed solution under the brand SentraCloud, or self-managed that can be administered by the customer, third party partner or both. PanTerra services are sold direct, through indirect channels and as a private branded wholesale solution. Visit the company's website at

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