TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Dec 12, 2013) - The first Global Spring Wave Awards, launched by Taiwan-based Friendly Dog Entertainment Company Co. Ltd., started taking submissions on Dec.11. Winners will be awarded generous cash prizes and chances to perform in major Asian cities.

 Kuang-yuan Shen, President of the Friendly Dog, made the announcement at a press conference in Taipei. Heavyweight Chinese-language songwriters-singers Sandee Chen, Luantan Ascent and Hsiao Hung Jen, who are invited to serve as jury for the final round, also made appearances at the press conference to extend their support for the music competition. And they will perform at Spring Wave too.

The annual Spring Wave Music & Art Festival that the Friendly Dog started in 2006 in Taiwan's southern resort of Kenting has become a must-go for young concertgoers from the island and other Asian countries. After eight years of success, the Friendly Dog made a record of Taiwan's outdoor concerts by staging the Spring Wave Festival overseas -- in Singapore and Hong Kong -- in 2013.

Prizes of the Global Spring Wave Awards are luring. The top 20 selected from submissions will compete live in Kenting. The event organizer will provide them free hotel accommodations on April 3/4, 2014 and offer them transportation subsidies -- NT$2,000 to each participant from Taiwan and NT$6,000 to each from overseas.

Both the semi-final and final rounds of the competition will take place in Hengchun Airport in Kenting. Top 6 will be selected from the semi-final and they will compete on the main stage on the 2014 Spring-Wave Music & Art Festival in front of tens of thousands of cheering fans.

 The first five winners at the final round will receive generous cash awards, and the top two will have chances to tour Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia and to perform in at least two cities. Their hotel and transportation expenses will be paid by the organizer. The three members of the jury asked at the press conference whether they were allowed to submit their works too, after knowing such handsome awards.

The Global Spring Wave Awards originated from the local Spring Wave Awards which was held annually since 2010.

Winners of the local Spring Wave Awards were given the chance to present their creative works at the Kenting festivals of the same year, enjoying the same hardware facilities provided to popular musicians and having a great time with crowds of fans. The incentives have attracted more and more submissions from creative music artists over the years, with the number growing from some 40 in 2010 to 135 in 2013. The participants included Taiwanese and expatriates in Taiwan and also those from overseas. Artists from Hong Kong also competed and win the top place in 2013.

Shen said since he himself has background in music, he realizes the value and importance of independent creativity to the development of pop music. As the music festival is expanding to other parts of the world, he hopes the global awards would attract more music artists to participate. Good music should know no boundaries. To encourage talents to produce more original works, the Friendly Dog decided to expand eligibility of submissions. All original music and song writers, without age limit and restrictions in profession, are accepted including those who have album contracts with agents.

The First Global Spring Wave Awards started taking submissions from Dec.11 until Jan. 30, 2014. Those interested please visit:
Spring Wave Music & Art Festival website:
or Facebook:

Photo caption: Global Spring Wave Awards 2014 provides the best show stage for the winners

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