BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2013) -, one of America's largest free classified ads services, today announced a "Friends of Friends" service that highlights trusted reviews and opinions from social media connections from two of the world's largest social media networks. The new feature provides tools for online sharing and searching via user's and/or profile's information when searching for homes for sale, car/trucks for sale, rooms/apartments for rent, vacation rental properties, business consulting services, or when posting free job listings online.

To help combat the growing number of crime-related incidents being reported on unsuspecting classified ad users, has taken an extra step to make the buying and selling process safer. When perusing more than 600,000 classified ads in America's top 300 cities, users can be overwhelmed when faced an almost infinite amount of products and listings to review.

To offer a more personalized and safer shopping experience, has introduced their "Friends of Friends" feature to harnesses the power of social graphing in order to connect users to each other as well as each user's mutual connections.

"When searching through our classified ads, users will see their friend's postings as well as postings from their friend's connections," said Greg Sullivan,'s CEO. "Our new Friends of Friends feature increases the probability of an even greater personalized classified ad shopping experience by highlighting mutually connected users from a larger network of 2nd and 3rd tiered shoppers that may also know the people whom shoppers trust the most."

"This feature takes classified advertising from being an anonymous experience to one of transparency. Being connected to a buyer or seller through a mutual connection greatly reduces the risk of becoming a victim of someone with mal-intent," said Sullivan.

About is a classified advertisement posting community based in the United States that offers homes for sale, vacation rentals, apartments for rent, autos, jobs, and more than 91 different categories of products and services. Advertisements are 100% free. Users that do not want their reviews to be featured in 1st or 2nd degree connections can opt-out to protect their privacy.

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